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I am very glad and excited about the opening of the new mall in Solna Station in Stockholm just near the Friends Arena. Yes! Long awaited ‘Mall of Scandinavia’ ๐Ÿ™‚

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On the opening day almost all the people from the city went to visit the mall ( actually it was not all the people but it seemed so). I never saw such a big gathering in Stockholm before. The mall opened on 12th November 2015 at 8.30pm. On the opening night when I arrived it was already closed. It was supposed to open at 8.30 in the evening till 12.00 at night. By the time I arrived there it was around 9.30 pm and was already closed. As there were too many people which was difficult to control by the management. Mall was closed just after an hour of opening. There was an announcement that they will be opening again from 10.30 pm but that never happened again that day. People became crazy and they started fighting with guards and I could watch all these scenes from the roof top reflection. Some of my friends who were lucky enough to come early got inside but could not shop due to too much gathering. It was chilling cold outside and people were waiting just for the entry to the biggest mall. Thenย  I could understand that how crazy would Swedish people go if they ever visit Bangladesh ๐Ÿ™‚ For me that kind of gathering is very normal which I have always experienced from childhood but it was definitely something totally new for Swedish people. I also realized that people all over the world are attracted to offers and discounts.

Outside View
Huge crowed

The next day I could visit the mall. I was super excited to see how it looks inside and check if I get anything new. This is really one of the best place for shopping as you get to check all the brands together which are available in Sweden. Shopping becomes very easy and finding the shops are also easy as they have information center and maps.

I found two new brands for cosmetics which are my favorites but it was not here in Sweden before. I am super happy about that. One of them is INGLOT and the other is KIKO Cosmetics. Inglot is a worldwide well known brand which originally comes from Poland and Kiko is an Italian brand. Both of these brands have good quality cosmetics with wide range of color collection. The amazing thing is they are really affordable. There are more new shops and brands but I specially noticed these cosmetic part. There are movie theaters and many restaurants which are all amazing and makes enough confusion and complication to choose one ๐Ÿ˜‰

On the opening weekend there were varieties of discounts and gifts with every purchase and still some shops are providing offers. I think till Christmas different offers will be available.



You can register to their ‘Lojalitetskort’ which is there membership card. This is really important to be registered to get their amazing offers from different shops. It is easy to download the application by writing ‘ Mall of Scandinavia’ and download it from play store from your android device. You have toย  register there to get your membership card in your mobile phone.

Hope you do a lot of shopping and share you feelings by commenting here.


Sadia Amin



Hello lovely Readers !

I would say anything by URBAN DECAY is just amazing to me ! Although they are famous mostly for their amazing eye palettes but I would say their Lip products and other face productsย  are all amazing!
NAKED palettes are really something magical! They are gorgeous and at the same time gives a super natural look!
Can’t wait to write my experience about NAKED3 by URBAN DECAY!
This amazing palette has 12 shadows which includes both matte andย  shimmers! Anyone who loves pink based shadow will definitely love this palette.

Amazing metallic outlook
Amazing metallic outlook

1.STRANGE: highlighter! super matte but not one of those favorite highlighters cause i prefer slight shimmer in highlights.

2.DUST: Rose gold dust. This shade is so dusty and magical. It is appropriate rose gold dust and perfect for gorgeous evening parties.

3.BURNOUT: Another rose gold mild shimmer shadow which is very classic and perfect for any occasion.

4.LIMIT: It is a matte nude taupe shade. A bit pinkish taupe. Appropriate for daily regular use or at the party with Dark lips. My favorite ! Good as a transition color too.

5.BUZZ: Another dusty shadow which is sparkling baby pink! prettiest of this palette ๐Ÿ™‚

6.TRICK: The most gorgeous shimmery gold. This goes towards rose gold or a bit antique gold.

Okay !!!!ย  That’s too much of colors ! Are you tired of reading ? Let’s take a short break and drink a sip of juice and start again ๐Ÿ™‚ …. Trust me this palette is amazing. Before buying I was worried if these light colors are going to be visible on my tone or not but I made a good decision.ย  They addsย  a soft but dramatically gorgeous look in makeup.

EYES by NAKED palette 3 , Lips by Lip pencil and gloss in the shade Liar from URBAN DECAY
EYES by NAKED palette 3 , Lips by Lip pencil and gloss in the shade Liar from URBAN DECAY

7.NOONER: Another matte brown taupe and my favorite. This makes you absolutely naked ๐Ÿ˜‰ I use it for smokey eye and it helps as a transition to blend out in between colors. It goes best with URBAN DECAY lip pencil in the shade Liar!

8.LIAR: Shimmery taupe! I would say it is a dream color and loved by everybody. A very unique shade of URBAN DECAY.

9.FACTORY: Golden Brown shimmery shade! Very gorgeous for smokey looks with nude lips.

10.MUGSHOT: A bronze metallic color! Gorgeous eyelids!

11.DARK SIDE: Dark ashy brown with small gold dusts! Gives gorgeous looks when used in outer corner and crease of the eyes for more defined look.

12.BLACK HEART: Darkest in the whole palette. Contains pinkish rose gold dusts on the purple brown shade! I would name it black rose. Super gorgeous looks are achieved by using this shade in outer corner of upper and lower lash line.

Could not catch the actual color by lens :(
Could not catch the actual color by lens ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

This whole palette is absolutely gorgeous one and I would recommend it for both fair and dark skinned ladies. These are the pink based gold tones which suits any tone and anyone at any occasion.

In Sweden it is available in Kicks makeup store. You can buy it online by log in to or you can find it physically in two locations either KICKS in Tรคby centrum or Sergel torg in T-Centralen.
Currently the price is 445 Swedish Krona!

URBAN DECAY products complements a lot my Asian olive skin
URBAN DECAY products complements a lot my Asian olive skin

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful palette!

Happy Shopping Ladies!


Sadia Amin