Matte Revolution Lipstick by Urban Decay

I have been planning to post this review since the beginning of the winter when these pretty lipsticks arrived on my hands but unfortunately it never happened before spring. It has been quiet a long time I have been using them and I am literally super impressed.

There are 9 different shades from which I grabbed “Bad Blood” and “After Dark”

Bad Blood: This is a dark red and I think it has got an appropriate name as it is blood red.


After Dark:This is a palmy purple shade  with blue undertone.



  • Matte but not drying
  • Super comfortable and creamy
  • Prolong wear and doesn’t fade even after heavy meal.
  • Highly pigmented


  • Nothing so far but i would say that though it is matte still it has a shine which some of you may not like if you are looking for that completely hazy matte. It is not glossy at all but it has a shine.

All shades are beautiful but I purchased just two because I found them amazingly gorgeous on my olive (nc 42) skin tone.

Stay well!




Hello my beauties!

This time of the year is the best because we leave our heavy boots and start wearing colorful sneakers. We leave our furry jackets home and buy light coats, gowns, colorful shirts and skirts. The time has come back to style with sunglasses and all those nice jewelries are again visible as we can leave some parts of the body bare again without the worry of getting cold. In short it is the time to cherish life with the colors of joy.

Shopping is a never ending process! I will share few of those spring collections that I have got!


Naked palette 3 by Urban Decay is a perfect palette for beautiful spring and hot summer days. Check details in my previous blog in this link :  

The lip gloss that I got is also by Urban Decay in the color Beso which is a mauve nude.


Here I have my favorite nail polishes from different brand and a new blog will be up soon with details. They are all nudes with peach, pink  and purples except the one which is meroon in the picture. I promise to write details in my next blog.

I recently bought those crystal bracelets from BIJOU BRIGITTE. They have the most beautiful and uncommon bohemian style jewelries. I found these shiny crystals super cute.


The body mist is LUSCIOUS KISSES by Victoria Secret and the details is in this link

The other perfume you can see is my all time favorite DKNY Be Delicious. Another perfume which is not in the picture above but you can see in the picture below is ETERNITY MOMENT by Calvin Clein which I love equally.


my mk

These pair of khaki sneakers by Michael kors are my dream come true! Because these are the hot favorite to everyone that when I decided to purchase I could not find my size anywhere and even that was before spring ! I am lucky finally I got them and I have purchased online. They look really gorgeous ! Recently I am in love with all golds and those golden logos look super gorgeous over the khaki color. These sneakers are comfortable as well.


I got this beautiful tops from Vero moda and Mango 🙂 The meroon one is from Vero moda which I think adds new color in life after winter and the rose gold top is from Mango which is soothing and comfortable , 100% cotton.

The bag pack is from Urban Outfitters which looks small but good enough to carry few books, food, mobile and all necessary things together! In these sneaker days it looks very stylish to carry on bag packs and of course it is comfortable for travel which we do a lot in these warm days.

The last thing I would like to mention that I love topping something over myself when I go out for a complete look and I got this beautiful camel color gown by Vila which is smooth to touch , very light but warm. A perfect kappa to combine any top or pant and it can be styled with a pair of white sneakers, these khaki sneakers or even with brown ankle boots! So here is the picture :


I hope you enjoyed reading about my thoughts and shopping taste! I would love to know how  you are styling yourself in the current and upcoming seasons.

I wish everybody a good heath and happiness.





Hello my darlings!

After a long time I am writing again! So many things to tell you and many products on my hands for review. I will write every single details about each new purchase 🙂

Today I am going to give a short review of LUSCIOUS KISSES. Currently this is my favorite fragrance mist by VICTORIA’S SECRET.

This mist contains the fragrance of coconut and passion flower which is really refreshing during spring and hot summer days. The refreshing formula is infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile.


Fragrance mists by VICTORIA’S SECRET are my all time favorite but this one is the sweetest.

The whole peachy pink bottle is too cute. I think this is a perfect purchase for yourself or to gift your loved ones. This is a secret key to keep your best friend best forever 😉

This mysterious mist is a gift to me from my dearest friend Cornea who is living in Stockholm. She went for a short trip to New York and bought this token of love for me. I am writing today just to thank her for such a lovely gift as well as to let my readers know that this peachy pink bottle can be a symbol of sweet love and friendship to any girl 🙂

I will be back soon with new stories




Hello my beautiful readers!

Hope all my beauties are doing great! ❤

I am really grateful to all my Readers for nice comments and emails …..Thank you again for making my Facebook page popular 🙂 It has already crossed 1800 likes within a very short period of time ! love ! love ! love !

Now time to get back to the topic.
Eye shadows are something which gives a definition to our look. I have purchased a lot of palettes and different brands but there are few MAC shades which are really awesome for daily use as well as for party! Here I am going to list those must have MAC shadows !!!

1.Satin Taupe : The color can be described as soft mauve with silvery pigments. It is so nice to create smoky look. This is also great for casual use. For example smudging it in your lids while going outside will make your eyes pop. It has a great texture with perfect pigmentation. Blends really well with satin finish.Perfect for both day and night.



2.Wood Winked : This is a beautiful medium golden bronze color and perfect for olive toned people. This is absolutely gorgeous color and can be worn alone with mascara or with some black  thick eyeliner. You can bring different looks by adding some black shadows or wearing alone. Each look is beautiful and defined. This one is also perfect for both day and night.


3.Rice Paper : This is my absolute favorite for highlighting as well as for inner corners of the eyes. I do not use any other highlighter after I have got this.This can be also used as facial highlighter which is my secret. Because every time it is not possible to carry highlighter with you so this little pot does a lot. This is a golden base highlighter which blends so nicely in skin and highlights the area without making artificial chalky white.


4.Texture: This is my most favorite transition color. Perfect for outlining the crease which helps to brighten the eyes. This peachy brown is a must have for medium to olive skin.


5.Humid: To me humid is like a dream come true. I love this green so much and when I apply this to my lids I feel like living in a dream. Such a lovely shade for a glam night or day time party as well as hangout with friends.This forest green can be used also for green smokey eye. If you were afraid or confused about  using green then this is for you no doubt.



6.Deep Truth: Though I do not go much for blue shadows because somehow I feel  blue makes my over all look darker within 2 to 3 hours. So Blue eye shadow for me is only when I am out for a short time with nude  lips. I recommend this shade if you are confused but really looking a blue. This is a gorgeous metallic ocean blue which is very pigmented and complements olive skin. Finding a perfect blue for medium to dark skinned girls are difficult but this is perfect no doubt.


7.Expensive Pink: Gorgeous golden pink for warm tones. This is an absolute must have  and it remains perfect and fresh for throughout the day. This is again a dreamy color with golden sparks and it’s beauty is beyond description. If you do not have this you are truly missing something in your makeup collection.

Expensive pink

I recommend to use all these shadows over eye primer to get the real color and I do prefer paint pot painterly by mac as base.

I hope this will be easy for you now to select your shade from the huge variety of Mac shadows. There are much more but these are the basic needs specially for olive or brown toned girls .

Have a Great Shopping !



Add some sparks to your skin

Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask (FREEMAN)

There is always an exception but it is a dream for almost every human being to have a fresh, clean, flawless skin that reflects the inner glow. Even if someone does not dream anything for her/his own skin, another person who is close to heart that can be a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife dreams their partner to have that beautiful skin which glows all the time.

Scrubbing is en essential part of routine skin care and it is a process of skin treatment which can be easily done at home with appropriate products. Today I am presenting one of my favorite skin cleansing product by FREEMAN which is a FACIAL POLISHING MASK. It contains CHARCOAL and BLACK SUGAR which purifies skin. Black sugar exfoliate away dead skin and charcoal helps to absorb the oil and the end result which is achieved is softness and clarity.


Today my beautiful little sister Raisa is helping me out being a model here. Isn’t she very pretty? She loves this product similarly as I do.


This mask is very easy to use. Just apply the amount required according to the need in the damp face and massage in circular motion for for 2-3 minutes. It can be left in face for few minutes as it is a mask but I usually use it just as a scrub and wash it in 2 to 3 minutes with normal water and pat dry skin with facial towel. Skin feels like baby butt ! You will love yourself ! It is good to use the mask twice a week otherwise it will be too much ! Too much of anything is bad you know 😉

After mask effect!

What I really love about this  product is the size of the sugar granules which are a bit coarse but not harsh which is  perfect for scrubbing the skin without causing any harm and it does not take away the moisture of the skin. If anyone likes more fine granules in that case the sugar granules can be diluted with more water so sugar dissolves and it becomes milder which is not necessary but in case some one is very sensitive. This package contains a good amount of product which can be used for quite a long time !

The only problem which I faced and also I found people complaining in their reviews at different internet sites is the lid does not close properly once it is opened. But compared to the product benefits I think we can ignore that but I just hope company solves that problem. So it is better if it can be kept standing in a holder.

This product is easily available in ” Asteria ” if you are living in Bangladesh. I really love shopping from this page as they are very punctual and I always get the right product at the right time. I trust and love shopping with “Asteria” and always recommend my family and friends 🙂 . They are easily available in following link:

You can also join their community in the following link :

If any of you have used this product and want to share your experience, you are most welcome to comment below 🙂

Wish you all a good day   !!!!







Leibster Award


Hello Beauties!

First of all I want to thank Throughmylens (sheemazaman) from the bottom of my heart for introducing and  nominating me for the Leibster award. Please do check her amazing blog! This is the first ever Leibster award for me and I am super excited.

Leibster award is a great opportunity among the new bloggers to get introduced to each other as well as a beautiful way of promotion.

The rules are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
    Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge to your post
  • Nominate 10 new bloggers
  • Answer the 10 questions the person who nominated you asked you
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* Books or movies?

I will go for movies ! I find it more exciting and interesting to  watch movies at night with my husband along with some midnight snacks 🙂

* Early bird or night owl?

Night owl forever!!!! Even a  blog never get started written unless night becomes darker 😉

* Boots or sandals?

Both are pretty awesome with seasonal change but sandals are always more cute and funky! If the temperature was never minus I may always stick to sandals !

* Comedy or mystery?

Mystery no doubt !

* Dress up or dress down?

Dress up 🙂 I love beautiful dresses and trying them all the time

* Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset is more romantic and not that lucky to see sunrise most of the time !

* Call or text?

Text ! Text! TEXT !!!! Comfortable and love to recall them later 🙂

* Winter or Summer?

Both are lovely ! Summer is more easy to be stylish and colorful ……

* Classic or modern?

Classic is static and more preferable … I think being classic is more stylish..

* Truth or dare?

TRUTH !!! Truth is the ultimate truth 😀

Now it’s time for me to nominate !!!! I nominate :











Now my Questions to you  🙂

*A cup of Coffee or Tea?

*A trip to mountain or sea beach?

*Silver color jewelries or gold ?

*Kebab made of lamb or beef?

*Ice cream with fruits or fruity yogurt ?

*A bag full of delicious food or a bag full of cosmetics?

*Music or painting?

*Black dress or White dress?

*Free hand exercise or gym?

*favorite brands for perfume ?







Welcome to my blog ‘SparklingBeautyBee’ . I have a lot of things to share with you and I don’t know where to start from ! I love fashion, Beauty , Travel , Art , Cooking and all the beautiful…

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Beautiful Blush by Sleek

Hello Beauties!

My makeup is never done unless I am a little blushed ! Even those days when I am not feeling like to have any makeup I need a little blush on me ! Those who doesn’t like blush can try once and see what the difference it can make. This is important to apply it in correct order so it does the magic.

I have different varieties of high end and drug store blushes and I cannot resist myself from buying blushes as these attracts me so much. Today’s topic is “Blush by Sleek” in the color PUMPKIN. It is known as blush by 3 in the color PUMPKIN and the colors are named as LANTERN, SQUASH and P PIE.

SLEEK blush by 3 in the color PUMPKIN 363
  1. LANTERN is a beautiful orange. Basically it looks like a piece of pumpkin. When applied in the cheeks in gives a sun kissed look.
  2. SQUASH is a rosy pink shade and looks very pretty on cheeks. It can be applied for a very casual look when just a little blush will take you to another level or with a very gorgeous Red lip make up look when a blush is going to complement more.
  3. P PIE is a bright coral with orange undertone. I would say this is more deeper sun kissed love. This shade is very bright so be careful while applying on cheeks. A little amount will work well.

The things that I love about this palette are :

  1. Super pigmentation
  2. Little amount goes a long way
  3. All three colors are usable
  4. Good for darker toned people because of its easy visibility
  5. Has a nice mirror so good to carry during travel.
  6. Fall so many times from my hand but never broke

The only thing to be careful about this palette is the shades must be  blended very well as they are super pigmented and should be checked in good light so no where it will be  too much. Otherwise it can be more than needed at some spots.

Applied all three shades of sleek blush by Pumpkin

I bought this palette from the page “Asteria”. They are super fast in delivering products and I am really happy purchasing from them. You can check the link below to find Asteria.

I recommend all to try this product and enjoy playing with these super pretty colors.




Hello Beauties !

Time to describe my most used everyday eye palette which I love so much.

Urban decay invented various types of palettes time to time but the Naked Basic palette is something unique. This palette is perfect for the natural look as well as gorgeous party look. When it is time for us to go to the office or university and we do not want the makeup to be prominent but we want to look naturally pretty then this is the palette which helps.

This is a palette of six colors which are all matte except venus which is a beautiful highlighter. This is a perfect palette for warm undertone. This goes nicely with Asian brown olive skin tone.

The colors of this palette named as :







final naked
Swatches from top to downwards 1. VENUS 2.FOXY 3.W.O.S 4.NAKED2 5.FAINT 6.CRAVE


VENUS is a highlighter and can be used under brows and inner corner of the eye. FOXY is a more matte creamy white often used to highlight. W.O.S can be used in eyelid as well as under the brow area. NAKED2 is a beautiful natural color for eye lids.FAINT is amazing crease color. CRAVE is jet black and helps to create smudgy smokey look.It can be smudged below waterline or eyelids.

This is a very small palette but contains a very good quality mirror which is convenient for travel. The price of this palette is 245 Swedish krona.


I hope this review helps you girls. ENJOY !!!!