A Bomb @ my door


I woke up a little late that day and planned to stay home and only relax. I opened up my window and became astonished to see the beautiful golden sparkling sunlight over the snow, shining like diamonds. It refreshed my mind. I grabbed a warm cup of coffee and the cupcake that I baked last night. I was listening to music and browsing on my laptop checking different pages related to fashion and lifestyle and was organizing my board in pinterest! After such long time I felt like spending a totally stress less day. Yes! Life is beautiful indeed.


Suddenly my mobile screen popped up showing a massage on my phone. A parcel arrived and waiting for me! WOW!!! “Parcels” specially the surprising ones are always exciting and my favorite. I could not wait to collect my parcel and surprisingly it was a huge box by LUSH !!!!! I was really amazed to receive the heavy box and was wondering what could be inside!

I opened the box and my happiness knew no bounds! There were 4 full size skin essentials. I love skin care products and LUSH sent me some real happiness to play with my skin care regime. Instantly I tried all of them to check how that feels and in one word I felt amazing. Then I thought I should try them at least a week to know better and then I will let all know about my exact feelings.


I would say this whole box is a love bomb. I have fallen in so much love with some of them that I feel they are no more in the level of likeness but these are now my needs. So let’s go through them one by one.

I would love to start with the Facial Moisturizer by LUSH. I have used many high end good moisturizers but this one is a must have. This is super hydrating without feeling greasy at all. While massaging the cream over face in circular motion it provides an unusual feeling of comfort. It smells very mild and delicious. The ingredients are specially chosen for sensitive skin. After application it feels light and comfortable but gives a feeling of protection and super soft hydrated healthy skin. It can be used both day and night. But I prefer using at night because during the day I prefer the one with higher SPF. This moisturizer is “Just The Thing” that our normal to dry skin need for Nordic winter. This is a must have and I mark it 10 out of 10.



The next thing I have on my hand is face and body cleanser by LUSH but I prefer to mention it rather a mask. The first thing I would love to mention about this product is that after I opened the cap I just wanted to eat the whole jar. I guess everyone can imagine now how delicious it smells. It has a caramel flavor blended with cinnamon and feels like a jar of candy or flavored ice-cream. It is basically mixture of maize and cinnamon as mentioned in the jar. It is recommended to take a piece of the product in the palm of the hand and mix with water to make a paste then apply over the skin. It cleans the face perfectly while keeping intact all moisture which is fantastic. This product is rated 10 out of 10 to me.



The Next thing is a super soothing product and that is beauty water. I simply love it. This water is a combination of rose and lavender which has such a calming effect on skin. It can be added to daily cleansing regime or just for a calming effect pump according to need. The rosy lavender aroma just wakes me up with each pump of spray. I will definitely purchase after I finish this bottle. As you can compare it with other rose waters in some points so I would give it 8 out of 10.


The last thing I got in this box is a bar like, oval shaped Serum which is known as Full Of Grace Serum by LUSH. It is recommended to use directly on skin or melt some amount in the palm of the hands with water and then massage all over face and neck. This serum is super moisturizing and the skin becomes super soft after wash. This product is too thick and I find a bit difficulty to wash but still after washing the skin becomes soft like baby skin. I am not so much fan of this product but it is good for skin indeed. The other thing I want to mention is that I don’t like the super strong cosmetic smell of this serum bar. It might be good for some people but personally I prefer more the delicious food smells of the other products. I may give 6 out of 10 for this one.



Overall I am super happy with most of the products that I got in this box. I have found the secret gem of such easy and delicious way of having healthy, clean skin by LUSH cruelty free products. To check all the products by LUSH you can visit the website here.

Yes! this whole package was the bomb that blasted on my skin resulting a new way of learning easy and instant skin care. I hope this holiday season will bring so much joy for all of you. A small present from LUSH to the dearest one will not only be special but also very useful to share with each other.



A Black Member


Two and a half years back when I first arrived in Stockholm, the things I used to enjoy was the beauty of nature and the cold drinking water. Water is something everybody enjoys drinking here. Now I am kind of used to with the  beauty of nature here which does not amaze me so much as before.

What about the shopping experience ? It was a whole new experience for me. Coming from Asia where everything is so colorful and happening, suddenly turned into a serious grey black color where the light shines only if I turn it on myself. The life in Stockholm was kind of boring and dull. But still I used to enjoy things because it was a new experience. Instead of colorful glittery fine cloths and sandals I had to buy up to knee length, super heavy boots and oversized jackets to get packed for Nordic winter. It was also difficult in terms of buying makeup products. My oily skin turned into super dry flaky one which was quiet difficult to manage for the first few days of my arrival. Not only that but it was also about the availability of the products and knowing what I really need. Though many high end brands are available here but still not all of them and even if I find the brands I do not find all the products. That is kind of sad.

So just few months back Sephora in Sweden started their membership program. I signed up at the very first day and became a white card member. Since then I have started to enjoy shopping with them and always get some free samples at different occasions. After gathering first 1800 points I could be  A Black Card Memeber which is their VIP membership.


The benefit of a black card memebership is getting a lot of free samples all the time and also getting offers in different occasions. After each 1800 there is always a goodie bag offer for the Black members. Compared to many other countries it is not too many  FREE offers but still Sephora in Sweden is getting better by time. Last time I gota big Sephora bag with pouch and many different high brand products inside.


Getting a birthday gift is something very sweet for their members. The sample products are quite good size and usable for a long time which is really nice. I loved the lip balm I got which is made by Sephora in the flavor cola. There were many other products that I got from Make up forever, benefit. Kat Von D, Too faced and many more in Goodie bags.


Usually I visit Sephora in Bibliotekgatan more often as it is near home but Sephora in Taby centrum and Nacka is so huge and so much fun to visit. If you have got any exciting product to try and test from Sephora let me know below 🙂 Share all your fun moments with me 😀

Happy Shopping !!!




New Favorite Day Cream

For last couple of months I have been in so much love with all kind of body care products by Rituals. Recently I thought why don’t I try their face creams. I am so happy that I took this decision because it gives so much comfort to my skin.

Essential Anti-Aging Day Cream

I have purchased Essential Anti Aging Day Cream by Rituals. It contains sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 15. It is mentioned in the packaging that the cream contains Tibetan Roseroot  extract which provides  revitalizing  action and helps in providing radiant looking skin. The active anti aging properties contain  triple action complex that provides protection against free radicals, reduce the fine lines while improving the elasticity of the skin.

Smells so good and provides a fresh feeling in the morning

It provides deep moisture to the skin while leaving the skin non greasy. This moisturizer does not hamper the make up and smells so good.

Ritual products are available both online and in physical locations (almost in all gallerias) and also in most branches of Ahlens. Ritual gives good offers round the year, so keep an eye on it. Subscribing with their newsletter helps to stay updated about all current promotions.


The price for this 50 ml container is 325 SEK.

With every purchase Ritual always provides samples for some of their best selling products which is amazing. If you don’t get any sample then just ask for it. Because sometime the staffs forget that and you need to remind them. The other good thing is they have all the testers including water island inside the shops so you can try anything including the scrubs. Usually the staffs are very friendly, so ask any help you need.

See you soon with my next favorite product in my next blog post 🙂