Stockholm Beauty Week 2017


Stockholm Beauty Week just ended a day ago. It was wonderful 3 days from 24th to 26th of April. There were combination of beauty and food which was amazing. All the awesome brands were there together and was offering varieties of special offers for their products.

It was full of events, mingle and beauty shows. I was happy to meet in person the owners and wonderful people people working on my favorite brands. Though it had entry ticket 100 SEK but for bloggers and beauty influencers it was free of cost, instead we got a badge which made me feel honored 🙂


I actually ran there for two reasons. First of all its beauty week in Stockholm so I must be there as a beauty writer and I wanted to see all amazing brands together. Secondly, my favorite GLOWiD and Sheet Happens were taking part there together. Though I was having super busy day but after work just ran there to meet them in person for the 1st time! I am so much obsessed with korean skin care products and now I know the reason why it has become such a hype! There are true reasons behind it. Nothing could be better but these different serum and masks are affordable, easy and  best skin care options at home.



I got two new amazing masks from GLOWid which I was super excited to try. Already tried the Vita Propolis which was simply awesome and will be ordering again. The other one is TeaTree which I will let you know once I use it. I will write about all the masks in details later.


I got introduced there to another brand that is Noxidoxi a french brand and got some products from them in sample size. I am pretty impressed using them specially the cleanser which is moisturizing at the same time. I am looking forward to use more of their products.



There was also another brand that I like Face Stockholm. They are gorgeous and came with at least 20% discount offer at their stall.


There were many other different brands and bloggers visiting them which looked amazing! I loved the warm welcome with rose and chocolate at the entrance! Overall had a very nice experience! Really loved meeting the owners of GLOWiD and Sheet Happens! These girls are awesome entrepreneurs, beautiful and friendly! I am so happy that they are focusing on these sheet masks which has those ingredients that your skin actually needs to clear up. The offers and the box that they are providing are so much helpful cause it makes the decision easier to choose what to buy. Each month getting a box full of mixed skincare in affordable price is really amazing and totally worth the money!

I wish I could spend much more time there but due to all other works I could not. I am still happy that I was there!



Stockholm to Geneva with AirBerlin


I love to travel. This journey of traveling started long back when I was 10 months old. I traveled to Iran with my parents and lived there for several years. After that I traveled to so many countries within Asia and Europe. I am blessed to enjoy the beauties of so many places. I consider myself lucky enough because after getting married I got a partner who also loves to travel and he is a good travel planner.

The funny fact is despite of so much traveling I still suffer from flight phobia.  Especially last time when I traveled back home from Sweden by Turkish Airline it was the worst experience. After that my flight phobia increased so much that I was wishing not to travel anymore by air. But my passion to see the world never let me to do so.

Suddenly last month we had to travel from Sweden to Switzerland. It was more like spending a short vacation for me and accompanying my husband to work with WHO( World Health Organization). I spent months of stressful time with work, studies plus household works and finally was happy, thinking that now I can relax sometime in Switzerland, my dream land.  I was searching all the time that which airlines will be a good option for a comfortable flight. Thinking about flying was stressing me out again. Finally, decided to travel by AirBerlin.

Arlanda to Düsseldorf with NIKI ( p.c-Internet)



Düsseldorf to Geneva ( p.c-Internet)

So now I want to share my flying experience with AirBerlin. This was my first travel with AirBerlin. Stockholm was sunny for about 3 days in a row that time but the day I was supposed to fly was really foggy which I was not expecting at all. Surprisingly it was so foggy at 12 at noon and difficult to see anything far. I felt that again I was going to have a bad flight experience.

In reality, I would say I loved flying with AirBerlin. Though for luggage had to pay extra and everything you need like food or drink needed to be paid separately because nothing is included. But I wanted to have a steady flight, without any bumping and a smooth take off with smooth landing. I would say Air Berlin fulfilled those expectations pretty nicely.


We were ready to land 
Blurry view of Swiss through window
I was so excited and couldn’t wait to land 🙂

Though it was windy and foggy during takeoff, it was a very smooth flight and such a relief for me. The flight was short with 1 stop. So I had my connecting flight from Düsseldorf airport.  The 1st flight was in such an aircraft which looked the way pretty much I expected but still I was not fully satisfied. It was NIKI aircraft which has partnership with AirBerlin and they run these small duration flights and usually the cheaper ones. The outlook of the 2nd aircraft made me super nervous because it was a really small one with old fashioned wings and long wheels. To me it was an antique piece which I would love to see in an old movies rather than flying on it. But once again it was such a smooth flight and didn’t feel like I was flying. I loved it afterwards. There was enough space inside and it was just a 1 hour and 30 mintues flight from Düsseldorf to Geneva, so I am happy enough with the awesome chocolate I got at the end of my flight.

These chocolates were pretty to look at and melts inside mouth which gives such happiness beyond description 🙂

It was overall a very short pleasant flight and I spent my timing reading the magazines that was provided. Time flew really fast!


I landed in my dreamland and then the story continued and you can read everything through my upcoming blog posts…………………………………