Spring/Summer Wishlist



So it is finally Summer in Sweden. 

Now it is time, really it is The Time to actually change the wardrobe. Instead of black and grey it is going to be filled up with all pink, blue and whites. I mean any light colors! My wardrobe needs a new life with colorful bags, shoes and cloths! It is time to please your eyes with color of sweetness. I am so much in love with pink and peaches these days.

So here is my wishlist ! (All pictures are collected from web)

  1. This bag from Michael kors is on my top list just because of the color! I love that pretty lock though!
Michael Kors MK151H09Q-J11@12

2. I am in so much love with this cute little side bag by ALDO


3. Now a days I am in love with pumps and ofcourse nude pinks! Love this moderate high heels by Gabor.

Rosy Pumps by Gabor

4. For more comfy I want theses almost flat but still with a little heels, ballerina style by Lamica

Ballerina by Lamica

5. I would love so much to decorate my Thomas Sabo bracelet with some cute charms and this Rose charm is everything 

Rose Charm by Thomas Sabo

6.  This rose gold bead by Thomas Sabo I need to own. It is so pretty, my heart melts everytime I look at it.

Bead by Thomas Sabo

7. Another love charm by Thomas Sabo in my wishlist.

Love chram by Thomas Sabo

8. I am so much in love with Essie nail polishes. They have really good quality and I like the gel types, specially for the creamy effect. So these below are in my list…..

model citizen
Model Citizen

9. This nail polishes by KIKO is just amazing, in a budget price. This shade below is out of stock in the shops currently but the sales people gave me hopes that it will return to their stock soon! 

Kiko Nail Lacquer 375 Bois de Rose (5)
375 Bois de rose by KIKO

10. I have several favorite watches on my wishlist but for spring or summer I need this….

Michael Kors Parker MK5896 Watch
Rosegold watch by Michael kors

11. This is something I must have very soon! Dior my Love ! I need both Dior sugar scrub and the lip balm glow in the shade berry! They contain SPF 10 which I really need during this summer.


12.Last but not the least I need this perfume by chanel coco mademoiselle. I have heard so much good things about it and definitely it is one of my favorite frangrance as I loved the test bottle!


So these are all in my current wishlist for Spring / Summer shopping.

Please let me know what do you think about my list! I would love to know if I have similar taste with any of you girls. 

Looking forward to get them all but gradually and ofocurse comment below about your thoughts!

Best wishes!!!


The Most Beautiful Collection of My Make-Up Vanity


When the whole world of make up in the internet got crazy about this lipstick, I could not resist myself from owning this. I already read all about it and kind of knew everything that it won´t fulfill my real need of a lipstick, I mean something that we usually expect. I felt like even if I never use it still I need it just because it looks so adorable and literally the most gorgeous lipstick ever. But in the lips it is the simplest yet very comfortable.


Yes! I guess You already know that I am talking about the most beautiful Kailijumei Lipstick. I purchased the limited edition one which looks a bit different in terms of packaging from the permanent one, that I have been watching in the you tube. But the basic functionality is similar. There are options for different color choices which means you can choose what color flower you want but it is just to satisfy the hunger of your eyes. Basically any color you choose, you will get the same result. Keeping that in mind I bought Flame Red where the flower inside the lipstick is Deep Pink or Magenta can be said. It is a a transparent lipstick and you can see the flower inside along with some beautiful gold chunks which provides Royalty.


Similar color payoff on my lips

On application it works as a lip balm, but provides beautiful pink hue on the lips. How much color you will get depends totally on your body temperature and the pigment of your lips. In lighter skin tone where lips are more pale, the lipstick provides more color payoff .On the other hand, for darker skin tones it becomes less visible as a rule. I love how it looks on my lips. It makes the lips look naturally healthy pink and moisturized. It is very pricey but because it is so beautiful I think you should have it for getting the feeling of luxury. I bought it from eleven.se and there was an offer going on during my purchase. So I bought 3 products and had to pay for 2 which was kind of amazing !!!


Happy Shopping!



What I did in Geneva

I am super excited to share with you some experiences of my 22 days long trip to Switzerland! It happened all in a sudden. I planned pretty nicely within short a notice and covered all those places all over Switzerland that was on my wish list. Yes there are few places still left that I skipped thinking that they might be less interesting for this time.

Most of my time I spent in Geneva following my husband who actually went there for working purpose but for me it was totally holidays.



During these 22 days I also spent some time in Paris about which I will be talking later. That is whole another story.

Most people think or as far I have noticed that people say there is nothing much to do or see in Geneva for holiday purpose. Many people consider Geneva only as a financial centre and a place of international organizations as because the headquarters of many of the agencies of the United Nations and Red Cross is situated there. It is true in some sense and yes if you just going to spend three days in Switzerland then you should keep more time for other dramatic cities. But if you are lucky to have more time then it is wise to explore as much you can and spending time in Geneva is totally worthy. I am going to highlight here the places in Geneva that I really loved.


Geneva is sourrounded by Jura mountains and Apls. The most charming thing about Geneva is the dramatic view of Mont Blanc.  Lake Geneva is really amazing. There are many other beautiful lakes around the country but you cannot compare one with the other. Each of them has something unique. This beautiful lake Geneva is shared between Switzerland and France. Where ever I went within the city I could see the lake view and it seems to be totally different from each place of the city. The lake has different shades of blue which changes with weather conditions and the reflection of sky.


I sat there for long hours and never realized how time passed by. I was lost in memories. There are different parks around the like. I took bus or tram and randomly got down where ever I found something charming. Lake Geneva offers something wonderful each season that I heard but April was fantastic I must say. If you want to see the colors then April to august is the best time. I was lucky to have a really colorful warm April but if you are going there for short visit it is wise to choose June to August for a surely warm nature. During May even you may find gloomy and rainy weather so better not take the risk!


For a relaxed pampering afternoon Lake Geneva is fantastic. What I really liked about lake Geneva is that it glitters when the beautiful morning sunshine reflects!


I was amazed to see the magical beauty of the fountain Jet d´Eau which is the famous landmark of the city. This beauty is visible throughout the city! I Even you can enjoy the view of this large fountain from the air.

Parc mon repos is a beautiful park and I would say the best lake view you can get from there. This place is so much blue and so beautiful. It has amazingly decorated flower garden. You will love walking around it. If you want to see some highlights of the trip then check it here




Another place I must mention and that is Jardin Bontanique. It is such a calm and quiet place to spend some time in the middle of the nature. If you are a plant lover then you are definitely going to love it otherwise you will still love the nature. It is nicely decorated with plants. In a sunny afternoon if you are looking for a mild sunbath in somewhere green then this is the place.



As I was there for near about a month I bought one month travel card so I could enjoy everything within the city by riding all kind of transports which was awesome!

Everyone speaks French but still they are all very helpful to reply in English any time. When I asked for any information or any help everyone spoke English to me when  they realized I need it in English. People there are really nice and helpful. Especially the older generation was so kind and nice. They would love to talk to you even though they do not know you.

I loved any food I tried there. Especially their dairy products amazingly tasted good. Anything with cheese tasted super good. I know I do not need to mention anything about Swiss Chocolates and cookies. They create heaven inside the mouth.



For Shopping do not forget to go to a station named Molard. If you take the tram and get down to the station named Molard and then just walk around, you will find all different branded shops and everything that is luxury. Gare Cornavin is the central station from where you can take all the bus and trains to all over the country. Walk around the central station and you will find a lot of fun places and shopping areas.



For shopping you should not miss three big malls. Yes they are similar inside but if you have time then there is nothing wrong to visit them all. One of them is Balexert where you get everything under one roof. My favorite shopping mall is Manor. The ground floor of this shopping mall is the heaven for makeup lovers and fashion junkies. I loved the food court at the top floor. You will get a chance to try varieties of food there that includes from starter to dessert everything. There are lots of choices for main meal as well. The last shopping mall is Praille which is kind of similar to Balexert but what is nice here is that you have gaming options including bowling. So if you love that, you may pay a visit.

That’s is all for now!

I will come back with more fun informations about another city next time



Stockholm Beauty Week 2017


Stockholm Beauty Week just ended a day ago. It was wonderful 3 days from 24th to 26th of April. There were combination of beauty and food which was amazing. All the awesome brands were there together and was offering varieties of special offers for their products.

It was full of events, mingle and beauty shows. I was happy to meet in person the owners and wonderful people people working on my favorite brands. Though it had entry ticket 100 SEK but for bloggers and beauty influencers it was free of cost, instead we got a badge which made me feel honored 🙂


I actually ran there for two reasons. First of all its beauty week in Stockholm so I must be there as a beauty writer and I wanted to see all amazing brands together. Secondly, my favorite GLOWiD and Sheet Happens were taking part there together. Though I was having super busy day but after work just ran there to meet them in person for the 1st time! I am so much obsessed with korean skin care products and now I know the reason why it has become such a hype! There are true reasons behind it. Nothing could be better but these different serum and masks are affordable, easy and  best skin care options at home.



I got two new amazing masks from GLOWid which I was super excited to try. Already tried the Vita Propolis which was simply awesome and will be ordering again. The other one is TeaTree which I will let you know once I use it. I will write about all the masks in details later.


I got introduced there to another brand that is Noxidoxi a french brand and got some products from them in sample size. I am pretty impressed using them specially the cleanser which is moisturizing at the same time. I am looking forward to use more of their products.



There was also another brand that I like Face Stockholm. They are gorgeous and came with at least 20% discount offer at their stall.


There were many other different brands and bloggers visiting them which looked amazing! I loved the warm welcome with rose and chocolate at the entrance! Overall had a very nice experience! Really loved meeting the owners of GLOWiD and Sheet Happens! These girls are awesome entrepreneurs, beautiful and friendly! I am so happy that they are focusing on these sheet masks which has those ingredients that your skin actually needs to clear up. The offers and the box that they are providing are so much helpful cause it makes the decision easier to choose what to buy. Each month getting a box full of mixed skincare in affordable price is really amazing and totally worth the money!

I wish I could spend much more time there but due to all other works I could not. I am still happy that I was there!



HudaBeauty Rose Gold Palette-YES/NO!

Living in Sweden it is quiet difficult to hands on all the newly released make up products instantly. Specially if there is any limited edition or holiday palette then it is almost impossible to own that. Many products arrive when the hype is gone. For example I am still waiting to get the Anastasia Master Palette by Mario. Same thing happened when Hudabeauty released her own branded products. Her amazing products are gone within hours. After her popular lip contour contour and liquid lipsticks, actually everyone was waiting for the magical eye palette she was going to release. I started browsing the demos online and was super excited. Then the day came and she launched it in Dubai mall which was sold out before many people could reach. cultbeauty.co.uk is my favorite site cause I can atleast reach to some of my favorite products through this website like Hudabeauty.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette


I joined the wait list in Cult Beauty website for Hudabeauty palette and finally the day came. I got notification that the palette has arrived but I was doing some assignments that time. So I thought okay it is quiet late night so I will do the payment tomorrow when I am free, simply after submitting the assignment. Very surprisingly the next day when I sat down with all my excitement to own the product I found that I have to join the waiting list once again because it was already sold out.

Now I felt upset to wait another unpredictable super long days, so thought to do little more study on the palette. Just thought to check tutorials on you tube to learn what other people are thinking  before I buy this most expensive palette. Till then I was sure to buy it but just because I don’t have it, I wanted to enjoy how others are playing with it. This 18g palette costs £56.00.

Actually the eye makeup that people were doing with this palette was kind of similar cause in the eye pretty much everyone was playing with particular shadows because they were thinking other colors were either not showing up in the skin or they weren’t look good on lids. I was so lucky that Eshani who is one of my favorite you tuber bought this palette and she just uploaded her review which totally changed my view on Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette just on no time. I trust her reviews so much cause I believe we have same skin tones and yes! her honest reviews helps me a lot to decide with almost all the beauty products. So here you see her video.


I found comparisons where people are saying that the matte shadows of the palette are pretty similar with Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette and the quality of Anastasia is much better. The only thing you have in Huda palette is the foiled shadows. But I am pretty sure the foil shadows are not for everyday and uncomfortable to use as they mentioned. So overall I have changed my mind and I think I better wait and see what comes next 🙂 No more in the waiting list for Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. I think it is just hunger of our eyes than our needs because the palette looks beautiful what I see in the picture but I got the feelings that I do not need this anymore.

I found another useful review where you can see the comparison who are thinking which one to buy between Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette and Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette.


So I have taken my decision not to waste my money on Hudabeauty Rose Gold Palette instead I will buy something useful in upcoming holiday season!!!

Write to me whatever is your opinion, if any of you are enjoying this palette or hating it.

Love you all!








Hello my beauties!

This time of the year is the best because we leave our heavy boots and start wearing colorful sneakers. We leave our furry jackets home and buy light coats, gowns, colorful shirts and skirts. The time has come back to style with sunglasses and all those nice jewelries are again visible as we can leave some parts of the body bare again without the worry of getting cold. In short it is the time to cherish life with the colors of joy.

Shopping is a never ending process! I will share few of those spring collections that I have got!


Naked palette 3 by Urban Decay is a perfect palette for beautiful spring and hot summer days. Check details in my previous blog in this link : https://sparklingbeautybee.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/naked3-by-urban-decay/  

The lip gloss that I got is also by Urban Decay in the color Beso which is a mauve nude.


Here I have my favorite nail polishes from different brand and a new blog will be up soon with details. They are all nudes with peach, pink  and purples except the one which is meroon in the picture. I promise to write details in my next blog.

I recently bought those crystal bracelets from BIJOU BRIGITTE. They have the most beautiful and uncommon bohemian style jewelries. I found these shiny crystals super cute.https://www.facebook.com/bijoubrigitte/


The body mist is LUSCIOUS KISSES by Victoria Secret and the details is in this link https://sparklingbeautybee.wordpress.com/2016/03/25/luscious-kisses/

The other perfume you can see is my all time favorite DKNY Be Delicious. Another perfume which is not in the picture above but you can see in the picture below is ETERNITY MOMENT by Calvin Clein which I love equally.


my mk

These pair of khaki sneakers by Michael kors are my dream come true! Because these are the hot favorite to everyone that when I decided to purchase I could not find my size anywhere and even that was before spring ! I am lucky finally I got them and I have purchased online. They look really gorgeous ! Recently I am in love with all golds and those golden logos look super gorgeous over the khaki color. These sneakers are comfortable as well.


I got this beautiful tops from Vero moda and Mango 🙂 The meroon one is from Vero moda which I think adds new color in life after winter and the rose gold top is from Mango which is soothing and comfortable , 100% cotton.

The bag pack is from Urban Outfitters https://www.facebook.com/pages/Urban-Outfitters/175151229186192 which looks small but good enough to carry few books, food, mobile and all necessary things together! In these sneaker days it looks very stylish to carry on bag packs and of course it is comfortable for travel which we do a lot in these warm days.

The last thing I would like to mention that I love topping something over myself when I go out for a complete look and I got this beautiful camel color gown by Vila which is smooth to touch , very light but warm. A perfect kappa to combine any top or pant and it can be styled with a pair of white sneakers, these khaki sneakers or even with brown ankle boots! So here is the picture :


I hope you enjoyed reading about my thoughts and shopping taste! I would love to know how  you are styling yourself in the current and upcoming seasons.

I wish everybody a good heath and happiness.




Leibster Award


Hello Beauties!

First of all I want to thank Throughmylens (sheemazaman) from the bottom of my heart for introducing and  nominating me for the Leibster award. Please do check her amazing blog! This is the first ever Leibster award for me and I am super excited.

Leibster award is a great opportunity among the new bloggers to get introduced to each other as well as a beautiful way of promotion.

The rules are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
    Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge to your post
  • Nominate 10 new bloggers
  • Answer the 10 questions the person who nominated you asked you
  • Create 10 new questions to ask the bloggers you nominate
  • Notify the bloggers you have nominated by leaving them a comment on their blog


* Books or movies?

I will go for movies ! I find it more exciting and interesting to  watch movies at night with my husband along with some midnight snacks 🙂

* Early bird or night owl?

Night owl forever!!!! Even a  blog never get started written unless night becomes darker 😉

* Boots or sandals?

Both are pretty awesome with seasonal change but sandals are always more cute and funky! If the temperature was never minus I may always stick to sandals !

* Comedy or mystery?

Mystery no doubt !

* Dress up or dress down?

Dress up 🙂 I love beautiful dresses and trying them all the time

* Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset is more romantic and not that lucky to see sunrise most of the time !

* Call or text?

Text ! Text! TEXT !!!! Comfortable and love to recall them later 🙂

* Winter or Summer?

Both are lovely ! Summer is more easy to be stylish and colorful ……

* Classic or modern?

Classic is static and more preferable … I think being classic is more stylish..

* Truth or dare?

TRUTH !!! Truth is the ultimate truth 😀

Now it’s time for me to nominate !!!! I nominate :











Now my Questions to you  🙂

*A cup of Coffee or Tea?

*A trip to mountain or sea beach?

*Silver color jewelries or gold ?

*Kebab made of lamb or beef?

*Ice cream with fruits or fruity yogurt ?

*A bag full of delicious food or a bag full of cosmetics?

*Music or painting?

*Black dress or White dress?

*Free hand exercise or gym?

*favorite brands for perfume ?






Mall of Scandinavia

Hello My Lovely Readers,


I am very glad and excited about the opening of the new mall in Solna Station in Stockholm just near the Friends Arena. Yes! Long awaited ‘Mall of Scandinavia’ 🙂

Check details here in this link


On the opening day almost all the people from the city went to visit the mall ( actually it was not all the people but it seemed so). I never saw such a big gathering in Stockholm before. The mall opened on 12th November 2015 at 8.30pm. On the opening night when I arrived it was already closed. It was supposed to open at 8.30 in the evening till 12.00 at night. By the time I arrived there it was around 9.30 pm and was already closed. As there were too many people which was difficult to control by the management. Mall was closed just after an hour of opening. There was an announcement that they will be opening again from 10.30 pm but that never happened again that day. People became crazy and they started fighting with guards and I could watch all these scenes from the roof top reflection. Some of my friends who were lucky enough to come early got inside but could not shop due to too much gathering. It was chilling cold outside and people were waiting just for the entry to the biggest mall. Then  I could understand that how crazy would Swedish people go if they ever visit Bangladesh 🙂 For me that kind of gathering is very normal which I have always experienced from childhood but it was definitely something totally new for Swedish people. I also realized that people all over the world are attracted to offers and discounts.

Outside View
Huge crowed

The next day I could visit the mall. I was super excited to see how it looks inside and check if I get anything new. This is really one of the best place for shopping as you get to check all the brands together which are available in Sweden. Shopping becomes very easy and finding the shops are also easy as they have information center and maps.

I found two new brands for cosmetics which are my favorites but it was not here in Sweden before. I am super happy about that. One of them is INGLOT and the other is KIKO Cosmetics. Inglot is a worldwide well known brand which originally comes from Poland and Kiko is an Italian brand. Both of these brands have good quality cosmetics with wide range of color collection. The amazing thing is they are really affordable. There are more new shops and brands but I specially noticed these cosmetic part. There are movie theaters and many restaurants which are all amazing and makes enough confusion and complication to choose one 😉

On the opening weekend there were varieties of discounts and gifts with every purchase and still some shops are providing offers. I think till Christmas different offers will be available.



You can register to their ‘Lojalitetskort’ which is there membership card. This is really important to be registered to get their amazing offers from different shops. It is easy to download the application by writing ‘ Mall of Scandinavia’ and download it from play store from your android device. You have to  register there to get your membership card in your mobile phone.

Hope you do a lot of shopping and share you feelings by commenting here.


Sadia Amin