Salad everyday!


Am  I a veggie lover? Not at all. From my childhood I always tried to avoid vegetables and jump into the bowl of proteins like meat, fish or carbs. Any junk or unhealthy food always used to attract me and still it does. We are lucky that we have our parents specially mom who takes care of proper diet and fight to feed us vegetables in any form even though we do our best to escape. But as we grow up most of us get blessed with the sense of healthy diet. Specially when we live far away from our parents and miss them so much then we recall their advises more often and act accordingly.

Now I get surprise each day when I go to supermarkets and buy tons of vegetables myself. That does not mean I am so much in love with it but I know how valuable they are for health. With advancement of age, now I realize even more that how important it is to take care of own health but in a simpler way. We need to make the things easy on our own way;so that we can be able to become passionate about healthy habits.

In my every meal I try to add a portion of vegetable and I feel like a bowl of salad is simply great to make a meal delicious. I make varieties of salad depending on my mood but a very easy to go, almost daily consumable salad is what I am going to write about now.




This is the recipe for 1 serving salad:


2 Cherry tomatoes

1 Cucumber

1/2 Lettuce

1/4 Red onion

2 Mushrooms

1/2 Green chili

1 tsp Olive oil

Few drops Lemon juice

Salt-according to taste

Black pepper-according to taste

Salad spice -according to taste

The amount of everything varies upon how much salad you would love to eat. This amount is perfect for a small bowl for one person but you can always minimize and maximize the amount. Slice all vegetables with a sharp knife and mix all the ingredients well then serve fresh!


I feel that you all are going to enjoy this simple salad so much ! It takes just 5 minutes for preparation. Enjoy this with any of your favorite dish!!!










Winter has arrived.It is high time now to take care of ourselves specially our skin. Proper care of health and beauty is the key to enjoy winter to its fullest. Try to be prepared before the very first cold wind touches you.

I would love to let you know about one of my favorite face care product for this winter.

MAC STUDIO MOISTURE CREAM is my all time favorite.Swedish winter is like living in a cold box but still my skin is living with good enough moisture with the magic of this fantastic cream.

This super-rich creamy moisturizer  contains extracts of passion fruit,green tea, spinach leaf,  coconut,algae and wheat germ. Moistens,  firms and protects the skin. This cream gives a  healthy radiance. It helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines. Good for both day and night.You can check details on their website:

The best part of the product is that it is not greasy at all.As the  cream is for both day and night time so easy during travel,one container will fulfill the needs for whole day.

In the morning it gives a very fresh feeling because it moisturize the skin all night. Before applying primer and foundation in daytime  it can be used to prepare the  skin. Even I do not need to use a primer because it is good enough to work as a  primer.few people complained that in summer the make up will not stay perfect for longer if this cream is used before foundation but as we are talking about winter this is absolutely perfect.

I think  now it will be easy to decide if you need a perfect moisturizer in this winter.Truly its worth the money.

Hope you try and share your opinion.



Clean and super smooth by “LUSH”

“Lush” has been poking in my dreams all the time. I don’t know why every time I enter their store, I love everything and then get confused what to buy because I love them all so much and feel that all of them together are not affordable 😉

Finally last weekend when I was again passing by “Lush” store I remembered that my friend was telling me a day before that how she was enjoying her newly purchased skincare products by this company. I was in need of a face scrub. I entered the store and tested “Ocean salt” face scrub and just fell in love. The sales assistant was really helpful to made this choice.


They have different sizes for each product and  I picked the little pot as I wanted to spend little to make my skin get introduced with it . I found that was totally affordable :). Now I have been using that for a week and I can say that I will be repurchasing this always. It has salt granules that you can feel while scrubbing and at the same time it has a soft creamy feeling which helps the granules not to hurt the skin.

It gives such an amazing feeling after I wash the face that is beyond description and one should just feel it. After washing it makes the skin super soft and does not dry the skin at all. It gives somehow an extra glow which I never felt before. The salt is blended with coconut and lime so that it is nutritious for skin as well as smells so good that I feel like to eat them up.

This product can be used both in face and body. Right now I am in so much love with  this freshly hand made Lush ocean salt scrub.

Nice offer from Lush is that when I will give them back 5 plastic containers that I finished using with their products, I will get a container of fresh face mask for free. Wow! Isn’t it amazing?

Wish you are all well and enjoy natural products for super supple glowy skin.




Nature keeps you healthy


Hello my beautiful readers!

Summer is here with all the loving colors🌈 and once again it is time to enjoy and cherish our life 💕. Finally I am a bit free from everything I mean study and work so you will be enjoying my blogs a lot more and annoyed by my too many posts in social media!

Today I was totally at home, free and relaxed. As I opened the window in the morning , I found it pleasantly sunny and nice so thought to go downstairs close to the nature where there is beautiful greens all over. It was a really good decision which made my day so beautiful.

I would like to share the pictures that I took for all nature lovers to enjoy!




There was beautiful sunshine 🌞 and I felt sun-kissed 💋 as summer welcoming me with all it’s love and warmth! Cool breeze took away all my worries and anxieties.



I found different colors and varieties of flowers 🌻🌼🌺🌷 which is such a surprising gift of nature. We should open our mind to enjoy this beauty which is very healthy for our life. I enjoy every season how it changes the look and summer is truly beautiful. I could smell the gorgeous sweet smell  of flowers. It was a heavenly feeling with the scent of the flowers🌻, sunshine 🌞and cool breeze🍃. I found beautiful butterflies! But they were so fast and busy that I could not capture them in my camera. I didn’t pay much effort for taking the pictures as I went there just to relax and did not want to disturb the nature at all.

So why it was so healthy? Hmmm….I got some vitamin D. I felt relaxed and lost in peace which is essential for a healthy mind and you all know a healthy mind is the key to healthy body! Of course  I had to walk along the slopes so I had my daily walk which is essential part of daily routine!

I wish you all a GREEN and HAPPY life 🌸🌹🍇🌷!












Add some sparks to your skin

Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask (FREEMAN)

There is always an exception but it is a dream for almost every human being to have a fresh, clean, flawless skin that reflects the inner glow. Even if someone does not dream anything for her/his own skin, another person who is close to heart that can be a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife dreams their partner to have that beautiful skin which glows all the time.

Scrubbing is en essential part of routine skin care and it is a process of skin treatment which can be easily done at home with appropriate products. Today I am presenting one of my favorite skin cleansing product by FREEMAN which is a FACIAL POLISHING MASK. It contains CHARCOAL and BLACK SUGAR which purifies skin. Black sugar exfoliate away dead skin and charcoal helps to absorb the oil and the end result which is achieved is softness and clarity.


Today my beautiful little sister Raisa is helping me out being a model here. Isn’t she very pretty? She loves this product similarly as I do.


This mask is very easy to use. Just apply the amount required according to the need in the damp face and massage in circular motion for for 2-3 minutes. It can be left in face for few minutes as it is a mask but I usually use it just as a scrub and wash it in 2 to 3 minutes with normal water and pat dry skin with facial towel. Skin feels like baby butt ! You will love yourself ! It is good to use the mask twice a week otherwise it will be too much ! Too much of anything is bad you know 😉

After mask effect!

What I really love about this  product is the size of the sugar granules which are a bit coarse but not harsh which is  perfect for scrubbing the skin without causing any harm and it does not take away the moisture of the skin. If anyone likes more fine granules in that case the sugar granules can be diluted with more water so sugar dissolves and it becomes milder which is not necessary but in case some one is very sensitive. This package contains a good amount of product which can be used for quite a long time !

The only problem which I faced and also I found people complaining in their reviews at different internet sites is the lid does not close properly once it is opened. But compared to the product benefits I think we can ignore that but I just hope company solves that problem. So it is better if it can be kept standing in a holder.

This product is easily available in ” Asteria ” if you are living in Bangladesh. I really love shopping from this page as they are very punctual and I always get the right product at the right time. I trust and love shopping with “Asteria” and always recommend my family and friends 🙂 . They are easily available in following link:

You can also join their community in the following link :

If any of you have used this product and want to share your experience, you are most welcome to comment below 🙂

Wish you all a good day   !!!!







Leibster Award


Hello Beauties!

First of all I want to thank Throughmylens (sheemazaman) from the bottom of my heart for introducing and  nominating me for the Leibster award. Please do check her amazing blog! This is the first ever Leibster award for me and I am super excited.

Leibster award is a great opportunity among the new bloggers to get introduced to each other as well as a beautiful way of promotion.

The rules are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
    Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge to your post
  • Nominate 10 new bloggers
  • Answer the 10 questions the person who nominated you asked you
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* Books or movies?

I will go for movies ! I find it more exciting and interesting to  watch movies at night with my husband along with some midnight snacks 🙂

* Early bird or night owl?

Night owl forever!!!! Even a  blog never get started written unless night becomes darker 😉

* Boots or sandals?

Both are pretty awesome with seasonal change but sandals are always more cute and funky! If the temperature was never minus I may always stick to sandals !

* Comedy or mystery?

Mystery no doubt !

* Dress up or dress down?

Dress up 🙂 I love beautiful dresses and trying them all the time

* Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset is more romantic and not that lucky to see sunrise most of the time !

* Call or text?

Text ! Text! TEXT !!!! Comfortable and love to recall them later 🙂

* Winter or Summer?

Both are lovely ! Summer is more easy to be stylish and colorful ……

* Classic or modern?

Classic is static and more preferable … I think being classic is more stylish..

* Truth or dare?

TRUTH !!! Truth is the ultimate truth 😀

Now it’s time for me to nominate !!!! I nominate :











Now my Questions to you  🙂

*A cup of Coffee or Tea?

*A trip to mountain or sea beach?

*Silver color jewelries or gold ?

*Kebab made of lamb or beef?

*Ice cream with fruits or fruity yogurt ?

*A bag full of delicious food or a bag full of cosmetics?

*Music or painting?

*Black dress or White dress?

*Free hand exercise or gym?

*favorite brands for perfume ?






Estée Lauder DayWear

Hello Beauties,

Estée Lauder is my favorite brand for any type of skin care or cosmetic product. Spending money on this brand is totally worthy. Day wear by Estée Lauder is my recent favorite. This day cream contains SPF 15 which is a multi protection anti oxidant cream for normal to combination skin.

This product is a very good base for make up which is an important criteria for any day cream. It moisturizes skin  without making it greasy. It has a refreshing smell which gives a wake up feeling in the morning while applying the cream



The price is 575 Swedish krona for 50ml and 385 krona for 30 ml. Now there is an offer going on in kicks beauty shop which is a gift bag with every two purchase from Estée Lauder. The gift bag contains Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex ll 7 ml, Revitalizing Supreme Anti-Aging CC Crème SPF 10 7 ml, Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Crème 7 ml och Sumptuous Extreme Mascara Black 2.8 ml which is valued  570 krona in total and valid for orders till 16th March 2016.

I recommend this lovely day cream and I will be repurchasing it again.

Stay well !



Skincare by peeling ( FILORGA SLEEP AND PEEL)

Hello Beauties !

I love to share my reviews about all those products which I really like. Today I will share my experience about FILORGA SLEEP AND PEEL night time skincare treatment.

FILORGA SLEEP AND PEEL  is basically a night cream which has all those ingredients that are helpful to reduce premature aging of the skin. I have read some blogs and reviews about this product and decided to give a try on so I can provide proper food to my skin. A combination of  healthy food habit, workout, Good branded cosmetics and  using proper toiletries are the key for healthy skin.


FILORGA SLEEP AND PEEL is a product of France. It contains HYALURONIC ACID and NCTF which are the main ingredients that works against aging process of the skin. This is the easiest process of skincare. I apply it every night before sleeping then whole night the tissue renewal process goes on and you know what happens in the morning? I wake up with such a smooth and radiant skin that surprises me. Trust me no skincare product could give me this feeling. It feels like you have a natural velvety makeup all over your skin.


I trusted to buy this expensive product because it is invented by the experts of aesthetic medicine. It contains AHA and BHA which has a safe peeling effect overnight.

I don’t have much spots or any wrinkles right now but I think those who have will be benefited by using this cream regularly. I have read really good reviews of people on internet which inspired me to buy this product. I can definitely say that the texture of my skin has improved already within two weeks of use. It has some fragrance but not too strong or anything so it doesn’t bother me.

I bought it from 50 ml of the product cost 625 Swedish krona.

I hope and wish that all of you will get benefit of this products. I will gladly appreciate your views and opinions as comment below! 🙂