Spring/Summer Wishlist



So it is finally Summer in Sweden. 

Now it is time, really it is The Time to actually change the wardrobe. Instead of black and grey it is going to be filled up with all pink, blue and whites. I mean any light colors! My wardrobe needs a new life with colorful bags, shoes and cloths! It is time to please your eyes with color of sweetness. I am so much in love with pink and peaches these days.

So here is my wishlist ! (All pictures are collected from web)

  1. This bag from Michael kors is on my top list just because of the color! I love that pretty lock though!
Michael Kors MK151H09Q-J11@12

2. I am in so much love with this cute little side bag by ALDO


3. Now a days I am in love with pumps and ofcourse nude pinks! Love this moderate high heels by Gabor.

Rosy Pumps by Gabor

4. For more comfy I want theses almost flat but still with a little heels, ballerina style by Lamica

Ballerina by Lamica

5. I would love so much to decorate my Thomas Sabo bracelet with some cute charms and this Rose charm is everything 

Rose Charm by Thomas Sabo

6.  This rose gold bead by Thomas Sabo I need to own. It is so pretty, my heart melts everytime I look at it.

Bead by Thomas Sabo

7. Another love charm by Thomas Sabo in my wishlist.

Love chram by Thomas Sabo

8. I am so much in love with Essie nail polishes. They have really good quality and I like the gel types, specially for the creamy effect. So these below are in my list…..

model citizen
Model Citizen

9. This nail polishes by KIKO is just amazing, in a budget price. This shade below is out of stock in the shops currently but the sales people gave me hopes that it will return to their stock soon! 

Kiko Nail Lacquer 375 Bois de Rose (5)
375 Bois de rose by KIKO

10. I have several favorite watches on my wishlist but for spring or summer I need this….

Michael Kors Parker MK5896 Watch
Rosegold watch by Michael kors

11. This is something I must have very soon! Dior my Love ! I need both Dior sugar scrub and the lip balm glow in the shade berry! They contain SPF 10 which I really need during this summer.


12.Last but not the least I need this perfume by chanel coco mademoiselle. I have heard so much good things about it and definitely it is one of my favorite frangrance as I loved the test bottle!


So these are all in my current wishlist for Spring / Summer shopping.

Please let me know what do you think about my list! I would love to know if I have similar taste with any of you girls. 

Looking forward to get them all but gradually and ofocurse comment below about your thoughts!

Best wishes!!!





The hardest part of any makeup is to find a perfect match foundation for your skin. It is really surprising that how FÄRGCOLLECTION comes up with an amazing job in terms of mixing and matching colors. FÄRG means “color” in Swedish language and I give them 10 out of 10 for doing an excellent job with color play as they say.

So, they sent me a box full of awesome products which I´m loving so far and wanted to share with you my loves.

A glance of everything in the box

Having olive to brown tone means struggling all the time to find the correct match foundation for your skin. A perfect match can make you gorgeous that everyone would be jealous of you but at the same time a simple mistake with slightly mismatched shade would make a total disaster in your look.



For my skin tone I always prefer to have some yellow tint on my foundation which is very rarely available. Even many high end brands are unsuccessful with that particular area. FÄRG brings up those vibrant colors that go beautifully with medium to darker tones. So I got this Cover foundation in the shade AMY which is a beautiful yellow tinted olive color. It is creamy in consistency. I really love this for the yellow tint. This foundation gives medium coverage but it is possible to build it up to full coverage. It makes the skin look naturally heathy.


The two powders that I got are amazing. One is in the shade BANANA and the other one is AMY. I loved both of the powders. BANANA has the exact light yellow Banana kind of tint which brightens up the under eye area and anywhere that I need to highlight my face. AMY works for me as a nice setting powder matching with my foundation.

I also got a BRUSH and I think this brush applies particularly this foundation very nicely. So combining the brush and the foundation did an amazing job for me. The bristles are very thick and soft which does the work perfectly.


Finally the most favorite things that I got are lip pencils. The lip pencil which is named NAIROBI is a very gorgeous onion color with a beautiful sheen on it. I loved how it looked on my lips but then I think I am not used to with sheen lip colors so it may not be comfortable for me. But the color itself is gorgeous. The next color I got is HAVANA and I love love love this shade. It is absolutely my love! So quality wise these lip pencils are amazing as they does not transfer or fade unless you remove them purposely. NAIROBI seems to be a little drying but HAVANA is comfortable and not at all drying on my lips.




Wearing NAIROBI in my lips


So overall I am very happy with these FÄRG products that I tried and looking forward to try some other products that they have.

Yes! and you get 25% discount at checkout by using the code “LOVEFARG” at the website www.fargcollection.com


Enjoy shopping my loves




Is Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette worth the money?

Today I am super excited to write about Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette. Let me take a deep breath first and then start!



I was on the wait list of Cult Beauty and have been waiting eagerly for this palette for quiet sometime and finally the day arrived! As I got notification that the palette has arrived at Cult Beauty I immediately ordered that in the shade Golden Sands and now it is on my hands 🙂 


My first impression was one word, WOW! The packaging looks pretty amazing. I really love the packaging of Huda liquid lipsticks but after that the packaging of the most expensive eyeshadow palette disappointed so many people. I think, keeping that on mind Huda did an excellent job this time. Her eyeshadow and cheek bones are really shinning with 3D effect on the cover of the highlight palette which is gorgeous!

As I opened the box I kept staring at it for a day because all the shades looks really nice and smooth. The palette contains four different shades for all different purposes with the aim to achieve a natural yet gorgeous 3D contoured effect on the face.


The four shades are FIJI, TAHITI, SEYCHELLES, ZANZIBAR. It is nicely mentioned on the inner part of the cover that which shade is for what purpose. Among them FIJI is the only one which is creamy and as per applying it becomes cream to powder which is actually made for the base. Other three shades are powder in consistency but they are as smooth as cream. TAHITHI is more like a bronze shade to add dimension on the cheeks so it is used under cheek bone. SEYCHELLES is a super gorgeous highlighter which is a very smooth golden shade but there is no chucky glitter or anything rather buttery pearly shine. ZANZIBAR is basically a rose gold color blush which is beautiful while I swatch on my hands but in my skin tone, on my cheeks it is barely visible.



I loved playing with this new palette. While doing my makeup for contouring I had to use Anastasia palette as this shimmery contour shade TAHITI does not alone work for me. I had to apply this over my Anastasia contour and tried to achieve some extra dimension. Below you see what I used to achieve my make-up looks today.





Is it worth the money? I would say I am very happy 🙂 that I got it. This is a luxurious palette to own. But in the terms of usability I would say it is neither very special nor essential in my make-up vanity. I have many other contouring and highlight palette which would work the same way. What I really loved about this palette is the cream to powder base shade FIJI. It gives a very smooth appearance on the cheeks. Other shades are nice but definitely I can achieve the same effect with my Anastasia and Becca palettes. If you have other palettes and you are not so much passionate about collecting make ups then it is fine not to own this. But if you really love to collect every single beautiful thing to decorate your make up world, even if just the packaging is nice then go for it.


I applied these shades also to my eyelids which were nice but it was a little difficult to blend in the eyelids for me. I don’t know why but somehow it was creasing and took quiet sometime to blend. In the cheeks it was really smooth and nice. What I noticed is that the right amount of product gives a smooth appearance but if you take access product especially if you don’t blend properly the shade FIJI which is the cream base then all other shades may turn in to cakey. So be aware of that.




Let me know your thoughts about this palette if you already own this. I will be super happy to know if you are planning to buy or not to buy this pretty piece of happiness. Check my You Tube Channel and please subscribe 🙂

Happy Shopping Ladies!



The Most Beautiful Collection of My Make-Up Vanity


When the whole world of make up in the internet got crazy about this lipstick, I could not resist myself from owning this. I already read all about it and kind of knew everything that it won´t fulfill my real need of a lipstick, I mean something that we usually expect. I felt like even if I never use it still I need it just because it looks so adorable and literally the most gorgeous lipstick ever. But in the lips it is the simplest yet very comfortable.


Yes! I guess You already know that I am talking about the most beautiful Kailijumei Lipstick. I purchased the limited edition one which looks a bit different in terms of packaging from the permanent one, that I have been watching in the you tube. But the basic functionality is similar. There are options for different color choices which means you can choose what color flower you want but it is just to satisfy the hunger of your eyes. Basically any color you choose, you will get the same result. Keeping that in mind I bought Flame Red where the flower inside the lipstick is Deep Pink or Magenta can be said. It is a a transparent lipstick and you can see the flower inside along with some beautiful gold chunks which provides Royalty.


Similar color payoff on my lips

On application it works as a lip balm, but provides beautiful pink hue on the lips. How much color you will get depends totally on your body temperature and the pigment of your lips. In lighter skin tone where lips are more pale, the lipstick provides more color payoff .On the other hand, for darker skin tones it becomes less visible as a rule. I love how it looks on my lips. It makes the lips look naturally healthy pink and moisturized. It is very pricey but because it is so beautiful I think you should have it for getting the feeling of luxury. I bought it from eleven.se and there was an offer going on during my purchase. So I bought 3 products and had to pay for 2 which was kind of amazing !!!


Happy Shopping!



What Is Inside My Beauty Bag

Travelling is so much exciting but there are many things to keep in mind while you travel. One of the important things is to make a list of what things you need to carry while you travel. It totally depends on what purpose you are travelling and for how long. But please make a list, that helps.


Today I would like to highlight the skincare and makeup products that you all ladies should remember while you go on a vacation for days long. I will share what I do usually. You can always add something, replace or reduce according to your needs. It is your bag so freedom is yours!

When I am on vacation for several days and plan to photoshoot or go for dinner dates of course I cannot think myself without putting on makeup. So I need to plan and organize my beauty bag. The World´s most precious bag…….isn´t it?

Now come to the main point.

What is inside my Sephora Pouch


I always carry a foundation, concealer and a setting powder while I travel for several days or even a 2 night cruise trip. Currently I am in so much love with the foundation by Laura Mercier. To hide all the acne spots and dark patches I am so much in love with my concealer and corrector palette by Mac. For highlighting under eyes no concealer works better than Nars. I love different setting powders specially the translucent one by Laura Mercier but during travel I love to carry the yellow power by Beauty Bakerie. I always get tanned while travel and the yellow powder help so much to brighten me up. It also helps to instantly make you look fresh and hides all the tiredness. For highlight, contour and blush I just adore so much the Naked Flushed Palette by Urban Decay. You have everything in one small palette which is so much convenient and helps me to get the perfect shades that I need. While travelling all day long sometimes I need some touch ups or even there are days when I do not like to have any foundations, then I use Pro Finish pan by MakeUpForEver. It can be easily used instead of a foundation on a well moisturized skin. Just Love it.


I cannot think of my makeup completed unless I have my eyes done. So here comes my eye make-up kit! For eyeshadow base I always need my Mac Paint Pot which also helps to make the canvas of my eyelid ready to play with colors while hiding any visible veins or discoloration. Though I feel like to take with me all my favorite eye palettes which is not possible at all so what I do to have beautiful eyes and still not making my bag heavy at all, I take with me the smallest pallets. I really love the Coastal Scents Palettes. They are super easy to carry, the palette contains vibrant colors and very convenient for both to carry and have dramatic eye makeups at the same time. As you can see in the pictures the palette that I have, contains neutral to brown, Blues and even black that allows you to create varieties of looks. This palette is the Go To London palette by Coastal Scents. I love my blackest kohl pencil by Urban Decay which does not spread even after the end of a long day and this is important while you travel. I love Bobbi Brown cream eyeliner to carry with me. There are two reasons that I love it. First of all it doesn’t spread and holds all day long on my lids in the same beautiful way. Secondly I can even use it to do my brows. As I have naturally shaped quiet dense eye brow, I just do some touch ups and it works well. I do not carry my Anastasia Brow Pomade while I travel.

Yes mascara! Roller Lash by Benefit is perfect for waterproof curly long lashes. I love it.


For lips I would say I carry lipsticks but lip balm is a must have. Tony Moly cherry lip balm is small, cute and super hydrating. For lipstick I love to have one bright lipstick preferably Red. For any special place I go or if I feel to have a dramatic look, red lips are something I adore, otherwise nude ones are of course there all the time in my purse. Here you see in the picture, I had Metro Matte lipstick by Mac in the shade Dance With Me. Other than that nude ones are by Stilla and Anastasia. You can choose any shade that you love. But remember one nude and one bright is needed for all purpose. Do not forget lip balm that you need all the time.


The tools are mandatory for a perfect makeup look look. The more natural you want to look, the more blending you need and the tools help. My beauty blender is always there with me. Other than that I have my kabuki brush by Sigma, 3 eye brushes by Sigma for applying eyeshadow, inner corners and blending, A blush brush or a powder brush by Sigma(just one works for travel time), eyebrow brush by Anastasia and my most favorite eyeliner brush by Laura Mercier. My Sephora pouch helps me to organize all these beauties in one place. Thanks Sephora for this beauty bag.

This was pretty much about makeup. Now I want to share a little story of skin care during travel.

While you travel do not ignore your skin


I love to have my Lush face moisturizer. While you are in Europe weather betrays you all the time and moisturizer becomes the biggest and best friend. This cream was sent to me by Lush is super hydrating which I prefer using at night and even sometime during daytime. It is a light weight plastic container which is so easy to carry.

For body cream I prefer any flavor by Body Shop depending on the season. I prefer more the body creams by Rituals but when I travel those seem to be pretty huge containers and again body shop packaging is more travel friendly. A face wash could be any of that you love. I have so many favorites and I often switch.

Nivea sensitive after shave balm is something works as a magic 😉 You know why?  This is my primer while I travel so both me and my husband can use it without carrying one extra material.

I adore all nighter make up setting spray by Urban Decay. This is must have whether you are traveling or not. Then another favorite thing is the face mist or face water by Lush. It is super soothing. After long travel hours it really sooths the skin and also it helps to clean the face. The last thing I cannot go without mentioning is the banana hand cream by Tony Moly. I love this and this cream is always in my bag.

That is pretty much all. Hope to come back with some travel stories in my upcoming blog.



Stockholm Beauty Week 2017


Stockholm Beauty Week just ended a day ago. It was wonderful 3 days from 24th to 26th of April. There were combination of beauty and food which was amazing. All the awesome brands were there together and was offering varieties of special offers for their products.

It was full of events, mingle and beauty shows. I was happy to meet in person the owners and wonderful people people working on my favorite brands. Though it had entry ticket 100 SEK but for bloggers and beauty influencers it was free of cost, instead we got a badge which made me feel honored 🙂


I actually ran there for two reasons. First of all its beauty week in Stockholm so I must be there as a beauty writer and I wanted to see all amazing brands together. Secondly, my favorite GLOWiD and Sheet Happens were taking part there together. Though I was having super busy day but after work just ran there to meet them in person for the 1st time! I am so much obsessed with korean skin care products and now I know the reason why it has become such a hype! There are true reasons behind it. Nothing could be better but these different serum and masks are affordable, easy and  best skin care options at home.



I got two new amazing masks from GLOWid which I was super excited to try. Already tried the Vita Propolis which was simply awesome and will be ordering again. The other one is TeaTree which I will let you know once I use it. I will write about all the masks in details later.


I got introduced there to another brand that is Noxidoxi a french brand and got some products from them in sample size. I am pretty impressed using them specially the cleanser which is moisturizing at the same time. I am looking forward to use more of their products.



There was also another brand that I like Face Stockholm. They are gorgeous and came with at least 20% discount offer at their stall.


There were many other different brands and bloggers visiting them which looked amazing! I loved the warm welcome with rose and chocolate at the entrance! Overall had a very nice experience! Really loved meeting the owners of GLOWiD and Sheet Happens! These girls are awesome entrepreneurs, beautiful and friendly! I am so happy that they are focusing on these sheet masks which has those ingredients that your skin actually needs to clear up. The offers and the box that they are providing are so much helpful cause it makes the decision easier to choose what to buy. Each month getting a box full of mixed skincare in affordable price is really amazing and totally worth the money!

I wish I could spend much more time there but due to all other works I could not. I am still happy that I was there!



Back to my Old Love


When you are back to your old love then you always realize that was your true love and then you love your old more than ever. Mac cosmetics made me start loving the world of cosmetics. The journey started there with Mac, meanwhile many brands amazed me on this exciting journey of testing and trying cosmetics. I was floated with so much love from so many brands but then after years again fallen in love with Mac cosmetics.

Recently I went to visit the Mac cosmetics store  and fallen in love with so many new products in the same way as I was many years back. I bought a liquid lipstick which is from retro matte collection in the shade Dance With Me. This is an amazing berry red color.

Dance With Me on the left and High Drama on the right side

After a week of my purchase I got a parcel from Mac cosmetics from Denmark which was super exciting and an honor as a blogger! I got some amazing products. So 1st of all I received a retro matte liquid lipstick in the shade High Drama. This is a dark shade which is amazingly very gorgeous. For winter and fall this is a trendy shade for anyone. If you know how to carry dark lips then you will look absolutely gorgeous on it. I love the bullet shape of these retro matte liquid lipsticks. The wand is flat ended so it is really easy to apply specially the dark shades without the fear of making mistakes I mean going out of line. It is completely matte and does not dry out the lips. Moreover, it does not transfer which is a plus but after meal you may need to re-touch  a little in some areas depending on the type of food you consumed. 🙂

Check this fun video with swatches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOAS_Rv7O3Y


My happiness knew no bounds as I opened my gift pack that Mac Cosmetics sent me 🙂

I am so happy that Mac sent me my all time favorite lipstick in the shade TaupeI just have finished one and was planning to buy a new one but they sent me as a surprise. So much love for that <3…..Taupe is a beautiful nude shade that is my absolute favorite for everyday as well as with smokey eyes. If you want to know about all my favorite Mac lipstick shades then check this previous post Mac lipstics for olive skin tone


Taupe is my love forever for any season any occasion

The  next amazing thing I got is the Instacurl Lash mascara. I really loved the shape and packaging. Surprisingly, the brush is manually bendable which allows it to create maximum curl of the lashes. I love one more thing about it which is the plastic bristles of the brush ending. I just noticed that all my favorite mascaras have plastic bristles and it actually helps to separate each lash and that make them to stand out. I just don’t like one thing about the mascara which is the smell. It does not smell bad at all but I prefer having no scent in my mascara.

Check the magical Instacurl Lash mascara here in this fun video https://www.instagram.com/p/BQNyUZdBh9N/

Instacurl Lash

The last thing I have is the Prolongwear Fluideline Eye-Liner Gel in the shade Blacktrack which is my absolutely favorite. I used the one from Maybelline before which I did not like for two reasons. First of all, that dried after couple of months and also was not the blackest black on my eyelid. Then I got the Bobbi Brown one which I love so much and now this one by Mac is new for me and I am in love with it. I just hope it does not dry out in container and I will be careful about closing the lid of the container properly.


Prolongwear Gel liner

I am so happy to have all these products that I love so much!  I hope you will try them and love them as well. Check them here . Any further thoughts? Please comment below 🙂




A Black Member


Two and a half years back when I first arrived in Stockholm, the things I used to enjoy was the beauty of nature and the cold drinking water. Water is something everybody enjoys drinking here. Now I am kind of used to with the  beauty of nature here which does not amaze me so much as before.

What about the shopping experience ? It was a whole new experience for me. Coming from Asia where everything is so colorful and happening, suddenly turned into a serious grey black color where the light shines only if I turn it on myself. The life in Stockholm was kind of boring and dull. But still I used to enjoy things because it was a new experience. Instead of colorful glittery fine cloths and sandals I had to buy up to knee length, super heavy boots and oversized jackets to get packed for Nordic winter. It was also difficult in terms of buying makeup products. My oily skin turned into super dry flaky one which was quiet difficult to manage for the first few days of my arrival. Not only that but it was also about the availability of the products and knowing what I really need. Though many high end brands are available here but still not all of them and even if I find the brands I do not find all the products. That is kind of sad.

So just few months back Sephora in Sweden started their membership program. I signed up at the very first day and became a white card member. Since then I have started to enjoy shopping with them and always get some free samples at different occasions. After gathering first 1800 points I could be  A Black Card Memeber which is their VIP membership.


The benefit of a black card memebership is getting a lot of free samples all the time and also getting offers in different occasions. After each 1800 there is always a goodie bag offer for the Black members. Compared to many other countries it is not too many  FREE offers but still Sephora in Sweden is getting better by time. Last time I gota big Sephora bag with pouch and many different high brand products inside.


Getting a birthday gift is something very sweet for their members. The sample products are quite good size and usable for a long time which is really nice. I loved the lip balm I got which is made by Sephora in the flavor cola. There were many other products that I got from Make up forever, benefit. Kat Von D, Too faced and many more in Goodie bags.


Usually I visit Sephora in Bibliotekgatan more often as it is near home but Sephora in Taby centrum and Nacka is so huge and so much fun to visit. If you have got any exciting product to try and test from Sephora let me know below 🙂 Share all your fun moments with me 😀

Happy Shopping !!!





Winter has arrived.It is high time now to take care of ourselves specially our skin. Proper care of health and beauty is the key to enjoy winter to its fullest. Try to be prepared before the very first cold wind touches you.

I would love to let you know about one of my favorite face care product for this winter.

MAC STUDIO MOISTURE CREAM is my all time favorite.Swedish winter is like living in a cold box but still my skin is living with good enough moisture with the magic of this fantastic cream.

This super-rich creamy moisturizer  contains extracts of passion fruit,green tea, spinach leaf,  coconut,algae and wheat germ. Moistens,  firms and protects the skin. This cream gives a  healthy radiance. It helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines. Good for both day and night.You can check details on their website: http://www.maccosmetics.se/product/178/1130/Studio-Moisture-Cream/index.tmpl

The best part of the product is that it is not greasy at all.As the  cream is for both day and night time so easy during travel,one container will fulfill the needs for whole day.

In the morning it gives a very fresh feeling because it moisturize the skin all night. Before applying primer and foundation in daytime  it can be used to prepare the  skin. Even I do not need to use a primer because it is good enough to work as a  primer.few people complained that in summer the make up will not stay perfect for longer if this cream is used before foundation but as we are talking about winter this is absolutely perfect.

I think  now it will be easy to decide if you need a perfect moisturizer in this winter.Truly its worth the money.

Hope you try and share your opinion.



HudaBeauty Rose Gold Palette-YES/NO!

Living in Sweden it is quiet difficult to hands on all the newly released make up products instantly. Specially if there is any limited edition or holiday palette then it is almost impossible to own that. Many products arrive when the hype is gone. For example I am still waiting to get the Anastasia Master Palette by Mario. Same thing happened when Hudabeauty released her own branded products. Her amazing products are gone within hours. After her popular lip contour contour and liquid lipsticks, actually everyone was waiting for the magical eye palette she was going to release. I started browsing the demos online and was super excited. Then the day came and she launched it in Dubai mall which was sold out before many people could reach. cultbeauty.co.uk is my favorite site cause I can atleast reach to some of my favorite products through this website like Hudabeauty.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette


I joined the wait list in Cult Beauty website for Hudabeauty palette and finally the day came. I got notification that the palette has arrived but I was doing some assignments that time. So I thought okay it is quiet late night so I will do the payment tomorrow when I am free, simply after submitting the assignment. Very surprisingly the next day when I sat down with all my excitement to own the product I found that I have to join the waiting list once again because it was already sold out.

Now I felt upset to wait another unpredictable super long days, so thought to do little more study on the palette. Just thought to check tutorials on you tube to learn what other people are thinking  before I buy this most expensive palette. Till then I was sure to buy it but just because I don’t have it, I wanted to enjoy how others are playing with it. This 18g palette costs £56.00.

Actually the eye makeup that people were doing with this palette was kind of similar cause in the eye pretty much everyone was playing with particular shadows because they were thinking other colors were either not showing up in the skin or they weren’t look good on lids. I was so lucky that Eshani who is one of my favorite you tuber bought this palette and she just uploaded her review which totally changed my view on Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette just on no time. I trust her reviews so much cause I believe we have same skin tones and yes! her honest reviews helps me a lot to decide with almost all the beauty products. So here you see her video.


I found comparisons where people are saying that the matte shadows of the palette are pretty similar with Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette and the quality of Anastasia is much better. The only thing you have in Huda palette is the foiled shadows. But I am pretty sure the foil shadows are not for everyday and uncomfortable to use as they mentioned. So overall I have changed my mind and I think I better wait and see what comes next 🙂 No more in the waiting list for Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. I think it is just hunger of our eyes than our needs because the palette looks beautiful what I see in the picture but I got the feelings that I do not need this anymore.

I found another useful review where you can see the comparison who are thinking which one to buy between Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette and Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette.


So I have taken my decision not to waste my money on Hudabeauty Rose Gold Palette instead I will buy something useful in upcoming holiday season!!!

Write to me whatever is your opinion, if any of you are enjoying this palette or hating it.

Love you all!