Sheet Masks that are NO! NO!

Korean skin care is currently hype all over the beauty world but is it worth the hype?

By saying Korean skin care we mean all Korean skin care products without categorizing them which is incorrect I believe. After using different kind of products from Korea I realized that there are huge differences among varities of products and brands. The problem is, in many product packaging you cannot read or understand the details as they are written in Korean language. Many people just do not care what brand it is and either use it or ignore it just depending on that the product is Korean.

Tony Moly is one of my favorite brand because most of their products maintain a certain standard. Mizon is one of the popular Korean brand but I didn’t use anything from them yet but I really wish to. Klairs , LJH are also my favorites.

I won this box in GIVEAWAY!

I mentioned several times that I won a box full of sheetmasks in a giveaway competition and that’s how I got to try huge varieties of sheet mask from one of the companies monthly subscription. Before that I bought some sheet masks of my own so I could really feel the difference between different masks. You can buy any masks separately or subscribe monthly subscription. Monthly subscription has both good and bad side.

Good is in the sense that it becomes comparatively cheaper as you get to try a box full of masks where you get approximately ten masks or may be some more. But the thing is some of them are super good but not all of them are worthy.

Bad thing is that you get some masks which actually provide no big difference for your skin. Still you have already bought them as they comes within the box. This means that even though you are getting few good products but you are paying for some useless products as well.

So I prefer buying separately my favorite ones´ which is worthy!

Previously I mentioned some of my favorite sheet masks and today I would share the masks from which I had high expectations but did not work well for me. Oh yes! I am not yet done using all of the masks from the box and I have plans to review each of them separately to you! It will help to select individual masks.


SNAIL BEE HIGH CONTENT MASK PACK is one of the masks about which I  had really high expectations. With all different natural ingredients it also contains BEE VENOM and SNAIL SECRATIONS so I thought it would be something just MAGICBUT unfortunately it was not at all! It was kind of watery ( I don´t know if it is the right word but it felt like very watery to me, as if there is nothing to work for my skin) Packaging inside was kind of messy and was difficult to unfold the product. After I removed the mask I felt the same as I was feeling before using the mask and nothing special. I do not recommend this mask.


RED WINE MASK for pore care by TONY MOLY is another one about which I had so much expectations. It was not very disappointing but compared to some other good ones it was not up to the mark. I mean it was just OK but nothing super awesome or NO MAGIC happened in my pores as far as I understood. I am not going to buy this next time.

So if you say Korean skin care then just try to categorize them and buy the one that is actually worthy and hygienic. Go through internet, there are many blog posts, so read them and then make a list of the good ones´ and go for it.

Happy Shopping and Happy weekend everybody!



Favorite sheet masks from GLOWiD

Past few months I have been so much obsessed with korean skin care products. I was having fun using different products including cream, scrubs and specially korean sheet masks Meanwhile I won a giveaway competition and got a box full of sheet masks which increased my interest more to use all these different masks.

So many people were asking me where I get them and I already mentioned that in my previous posts. Recently I have used two Sheet masks that I loved sooooo so much. I got them from GLOWiD. What I like about GLOWiD is that they have very selective products and so far I have used three different sheet masks from them which I loved a lot.

One of my previous review about KLAIRS sheet mask you will find here.

Today I want to introduce two more masks to you which are must try products!


One of them is VITA PROPOLIS NUTRI MASK. This provides a luxurious feeling on your skin. This mask is a product of LJH. If you are familiar with amazing LJH serum then I would love to tell you that this mask has same properties but works more intensely as your skin get to soak more moisture through the sheet mask.  I knew it would be good but in reality it was the best! I loved the packaging. Some masks that I used before was difficult to handle because of improper layers inside the packaging but this one is nicely organized over a sheet, so super easy to apply on face.


The other mask that I loved in a similar way as the above one is the TEA TREE SOOTHING MASK. This is also a product of LJH. I would say that it felt similarly good and calming as the VITA PROPOLIS MASK.


One tips is that you can apply the mask 20 minutes earlier before you go to bed. After 20 minutes just remove the mask, pat the skin with rest of the product and sleep. In the morning you can´t stop touching your face … it is super soft like baby skin, ofocurse fine lines disappeares ( atleast mine disappeared may be because I do not have any major lines yet), Skin becomes super hydrated with both of theses masks and feels very healthy that you feel the freshness all day. I just used them once as I got it from GLOWiD during Stockholm Beauty week. I believe regular use will provide long term heathy effect on the skin.

GOOD NEWS for my Readers and Instagram followers!  From TODAY up till 31ST May you can get 15% discount on all products that you buy from GLOWiD by using the code “sparklingbeauty” at the check out!

Enjoy shopping Girls!



What Is Inside My Beauty Bag

Travelling is so much exciting but there are many things to keep in mind while you travel. One of the important things is to make a list of what things you need to carry while you travel. It totally depends on what purpose you are travelling and for how long. But please make a list, that helps.


Today I would like to highlight the skincare and makeup products that you all ladies should remember while you go on a vacation for days long. I will share what I do usually. You can always add something, replace or reduce according to your needs. It is your bag so freedom is yours!

When I am on vacation for several days and plan to photoshoot or go for dinner dates of course I cannot think myself without putting on makeup. So I need to plan and organize my beauty bag. The World´s most precious bag…….isn´t it?

Now come to the main point.

What is inside my Sephora Pouch


I always carry a foundation, concealer and a setting powder while I travel for several days or even a 2 night cruise trip. Currently I am in so much love with the foundation by Laura Mercier. To hide all the acne spots and dark patches I am so much in love with my concealer and corrector palette by Mac. For highlighting under eyes no concealer works better than Nars. I love different setting powders specially the translucent one by Laura Mercier but during travel I love to carry the yellow power by Beauty Bakerie. I always get tanned while travel and the yellow powder help so much to brighten me up. It also helps to instantly make you look fresh and hides all the tiredness. For highlight, contour and blush I just adore so much the Naked Flushed Palette by Urban Decay. You have everything in one small palette which is so much convenient and helps me to get the perfect shades that I need. While travelling all day long sometimes I need some touch ups or even there are days when I do not like to have any foundations, then I use Pro Finish pan by MakeUpForEver. It can be easily used instead of a foundation on a well moisturized skin. Just Love it.


I cannot think of my makeup completed unless I have my eyes done. So here comes my eye make-up kit! For eyeshadow base I always need my Mac Paint Pot which also helps to make the canvas of my eyelid ready to play with colors while hiding any visible veins or discoloration. Though I feel like to take with me all my favorite eye palettes which is not possible at all so what I do to have beautiful eyes and still not making my bag heavy at all, I take with me the smallest pallets. I really love the Coastal Scents Palettes. They are super easy to carry, the palette contains vibrant colors and very convenient for both to carry and have dramatic eye makeups at the same time. As you can see in the pictures the palette that I have, contains neutral to brown, Blues and even black that allows you to create varieties of looks. This palette is the Go To London palette by Coastal Scents. I love my blackest kohl pencil by Urban Decay which does not spread even after the end of a long day and this is important while you travel. I love Bobbi Brown cream eyeliner to carry with me. There are two reasons that I love it. First of all it doesn’t spread and holds all day long on my lids in the same beautiful way. Secondly I can even use it to do my brows. As I have naturally shaped quiet dense eye brow, I just do some touch ups and it works well. I do not carry my Anastasia Brow Pomade while I travel.

Yes mascara! Roller Lash by Benefit is perfect for waterproof curly long lashes. I love it.


For lips I would say I carry lipsticks but lip balm is a must have. Tony Moly cherry lip balm is small, cute and super hydrating. For lipstick I love to have one bright lipstick preferably Red. For any special place I go or if I feel to have a dramatic look, red lips are something I adore, otherwise nude ones are of course there all the time in my purse. Here you see in the picture, I had Metro Matte lipstick by Mac in the shade Dance With Me. Other than that nude ones are by Stilla and Anastasia. You can choose any shade that you love. But remember one nude and one bright is needed for all purpose. Do not forget lip balm that you need all the time.


The tools are mandatory for a perfect makeup look look. The more natural you want to look, the more blending you need and the tools help. My beauty blender is always there with me. Other than that I have my kabuki brush by Sigma, 3 eye brushes by Sigma for applying eyeshadow, inner corners and blending, A blush brush or a powder brush by Sigma(just one works for travel time), eyebrow brush by Anastasia and my most favorite eyeliner brush by Laura Mercier. My Sephora pouch helps me to organize all these beauties in one place. Thanks Sephora for this beauty bag.

This was pretty much about makeup. Now I want to share a little story of skin care during travel.

While you travel do not ignore your skin


I love to have my Lush face moisturizer. While you are in Europe weather betrays you all the time and moisturizer becomes the biggest and best friend. This cream was sent to me by Lush is super hydrating which I prefer using at night and even sometime during daytime. It is a light weight plastic container which is so easy to carry.

For body cream I prefer any flavor by Body Shop depending on the season. I prefer more the body creams by Rituals but when I travel those seem to be pretty huge containers and again body shop packaging is more travel friendly. A face wash could be any of that you love. I have so many favorites and I often switch.

Nivea sensitive after shave balm is something works as a magic 😉 You know why?  This is my primer while I travel so both me and my husband can use it without carrying one extra material.

I adore all nighter make up setting spray by Urban Decay. This is must have whether you are traveling or not. Then another favorite thing is the face mist or face water by Lush. It is super soothing. After long travel hours it really sooths the skin and also it helps to clean the face. The last thing I cannot go without mentioning is the banana hand cream by Tony Moly. I love this and this cream is always in my bag.

That is pretty much all. Hope to come back with some travel stories in my upcoming blog.



Korean skincare by Klairs (part2)

Sheet masks are hype now. Instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube where ever you go, just can see the hype. I am so obsessed as a rule 🙂 ………… In that moment GlowiD sent me to try their exclusive sheet mask by Klairs.


This rich moist soothing sheet mask is made of 100% cotton. It is very moist and full of soothing essence that gives the ultimate comfort that our skin needs to relax. Though it is mentioned to keep on face for 20 minutes but I kept longer to fully absorb as much product possible. You do not need to wash your face afterwards rather massage the face gently so everything is absorbed. It is inexpensive and does exactly what it says.

I would love to buy this all the time.




Korean skincare by Klair(Part 1)


Korean skin care has become so popular. I thought to give it a try to! I started using some sheet masks. That was the beginning and then until now  Korean skin care has just kept impressing me. Who doesn’t need moisturizer and specially if you live in Nordic region then definitely you need extra care. Moreover if you are coming from a warmer country and you started living in Sweden then there exist no more questions. Moisturizer is a must and you just keep searching for the best one.

I am so happy that I just got introduced to a new website in Sweden where I can find all that I need for my skin care. I got some products to test and week by week I will let you know my review on all of them. So are you wondering where can you find your dreamland of korean skin care? Here GLOWiD

GLOWiD has all these three brands known as Klairs, LJH and HYGGEE. So I got something from all these brands and from several products I started with Klairs. I thought lets give it a try! I really enjoy trying new products.

Picture from the website GLOWiD
Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream (my test pack )

I started my testing with Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream. Now I have been using it for half a week (3/4 days) but already super impressed. It is not just a moisturizer but gives a soothing effect and feeling of protection which provides super comfort. The cream can be used both day and night which I really like. It is recommended for any skin type even for sensitive one . I am so impressed and will definitely need a regular size. Highly recommended.  For price and other details please check the website Klairs rich moist soothing cream.

Picture from the website GLOWiD
Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream (my test pack)

The other product I also tested is Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream. This is such a nice blue colored cream. I actually fallen in love with the color. There is an ingredient named Guajazulen which is a  dark blue crystalline hydrocarbon which gives this cream a naturally soothing blue color. The cream is very thick in consistency but light over the skin by which I mean it does not make you feel greasy or heavy but you feel the protection. It is more suitable for the problematic areas where there is irritation or sunburn. Though I have used it for few times now but I believe this will work. I do not have so much problem on my skin right now so I can’t really tell my practical experience about how it solves problems on skin but it gave me a feeling of comfort. It should be used at night. After using at night when I washed my face next morning it felt really good and the cream protection was not gone after whole night sleep which was pretty amazing. In the morning skin felt like I just applied the cream and it was soft and glowy. For details please check the website here Klairs midnight blue calming cream

Lastly, for everyday use I would definitely recommend Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream. I just Loved it!!!!

Any question ? Please comment below. 



A Bomb @ my door


I woke up a little late that day and planned to stay home and only relax. I opened up my window and became astonished to see the beautiful golden sparkling sunlight over the snow, shining like diamonds. It refreshed my mind. I grabbed a warm cup of coffee and the cupcake that I baked last night. I was listening to music and browsing on my laptop checking different pages related to fashion and lifestyle and was organizing my board in pinterest! After such long time I felt like spending a totally stress less day. Yes! Life is beautiful indeed.


Suddenly my mobile screen popped up showing a massage on my phone. A parcel arrived and waiting for me! WOW!!! “Parcels” specially the surprising ones are always exciting and my favorite. I could not wait to collect my parcel and surprisingly it was a huge box by LUSH !!!!! I was really amazed to receive the heavy box and was wondering what could be inside!

I opened the box and my happiness knew no bounds! There were 4 full size skin essentials. I love skin care products and LUSH sent me some real happiness to play with my skin care regime. Instantly I tried all of them to check how that feels and in one word I felt amazing. Then I thought I should try them at least a week to know better and then I will let all know about my exact feelings.


I would say this whole box is a love bomb. I have fallen in so much love with some of them that I feel they are no more in the level of likeness but these are now my needs. So let’s go through them one by one.

I would love to start with the Facial Moisturizer by LUSH. I have used many high end good moisturizers but this one is a must have. This is super hydrating without feeling greasy at all. While massaging the cream over face in circular motion it provides an unusual feeling of comfort. It smells very mild and delicious. The ingredients are specially chosen for sensitive skin. After application it feels light and comfortable but gives a feeling of protection and super soft hydrated healthy skin. It can be used both day and night. But I prefer using at night because during the day I prefer the one with higher SPF. This moisturizer is “Just The Thing” that our normal to dry skin need for Nordic winter. This is a must have and I mark it 10 out of 10.



The next thing I have on my hand is face and body cleanser by LUSH but I prefer to mention it rather a mask. The first thing I would love to mention about this product is that after I opened the cap I just wanted to eat the whole jar. I guess everyone can imagine now how delicious it smells. It has a caramel flavor blended with cinnamon and feels like a jar of candy or flavored ice-cream. It is basically mixture of maize and cinnamon as mentioned in the jar. It is recommended to take a piece of the product in the palm of the hand and mix with water to make a paste then apply over the skin. It cleans the face perfectly while keeping intact all moisture which is fantastic. This product is rated 10 out of 10 to me.



The Next thing is a super soothing product and that is beauty water. I simply love it. This water is a combination of rose and lavender which has such a calming effect on skin. It can be added to daily cleansing regime or just for a calming effect pump according to need. The rosy lavender aroma just wakes me up with each pump of spray. I will definitely purchase after I finish this bottle. As you can compare it with other rose waters in some points so I would give it 8 out of 10.


The last thing I got in this box is a bar like, oval shaped Serum which is known as Full Of Grace Serum by LUSH. It is recommended to use directly on skin or melt some amount in the palm of the hands with water and then massage all over face and neck. This serum is super moisturizing and the skin becomes super soft after wash. This product is too thick and I find a bit difficulty to wash but still after washing the skin becomes soft like baby skin. I am not so much fan of this product but it is good for skin indeed. The other thing I want to mention is that I don’t like the super strong cosmetic smell of this serum bar. It might be good for some people but personally I prefer more the delicious food smells of the other products. I may give 6 out of 10 for this one.



Overall I am super happy with most of the products that I got in this box. I have found the secret gem of such easy and delicious way of having healthy, clean skin by LUSH cruelty free products. To check all the products by LUSH you can visit the website here.

Yes! this whole package was the bomb that blasted on my skin resulting a new way of learning easy and instant skin care. I hope this holiday season will bring so much joy for all of you. A small present from LUSH to the dearest one will not only be special but also very useful to share with each other.



New Favorite Day Cream

For last couple of months I have been in so much love with all kind of body care products by Rituals. Recently I thought why don’t I try their face creams. I am so happy that I took this decision because it gives so much comfort to my skin.

Essential Anti-Aging Day Cream

I have purchased Essential Anti Aging Day Cream by Rituals. It contains sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 15. It is mentioned in the packaging that the cream contains Tibetan Roseroot  extract which provides  revitalizing  action and helps in providing radiant looking skin. The active anti aging properties contain  triple action complex that provides protection against free radicals, reduce the fine lines while improving the elasticity of the skin.

Smells so good and provides a fresh feeling in the morning

It provides deep moisture to the skin while leaving the skin non greasy. This moisturizer does not hamper the make up and smells so good.

Ritual products are available both online and in physical locations (almost in all gallerias) and also in most branches of Ahlens. Ritual gives good offers round the year, so keep an eye on it. Subscribing with their newsletter helps to stay updated about all current promotions.


The price for this 50 ml container is 325 SEK.

With every purchase Ritual always provides samples for some of their best selling products which is amazing. If you don’t get any sample then just ask for it. Because sometime the staffs forget that and you need to remind them. The other good thing is they have all the testers including water island inside the shops so you can try anything including the scrubs. Usually the staffs are very friendly, so ask any help you need.

See you soon with my next favorite product in my next blog post 🙂







Winter has arrived.It is high time now to take care of ourselves specially our skin. Proper care of health and beauty is the key to enjoy winter to its fullest. Try to be prepared before the very first cold wind touches you.

I would love to let you know about one of my favorite face care product for this winter.

MAC STUDIO MOISTURE CREAM is my all time favorite.Swedish winter is like living in a cold box but still my skin is living with good enough moisture with the magic of this fantastic cream.

This super-rich creamy moisturizer  contains extracts of passion fruit,green tea, spinach leaf,  coconut,algae and wheat germ. Moistens,  firms and protects the skin. This cream gives a  healthy radiance. It helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines. Good for both day and night.You can check details on their website:

The best part of the product is that it is not greasy at all.As the  cream is for both day and night time so easy during travel,one container will fulfill the needs for whole day.

In the morning it gives a very fresh feeling because it moisturize the skin all night. Before applying primer and foundation in daytime  it can be used to prepare the  skin. Even I do not need to use a primer because it is good enough to work as a  primer.few people complained that in summer the make up will not stay perfect for longer if this cream is used before foundation but as we are talking about winter this is absolutely perfect.

I think  now it will be easy to decide if you need a perfect moisturizer in this winter.Truly its worth the money.

Hope you try and share your opinion.



Favorite facial cleanser

I am so glad to find the best facial cleanser for my skin. I have been trying varieties of  cleansers all my life but never been so much satisfied. I got a free sample of ORIGIN facial cream from which was very impressive and instantly thought to use their cleanser.


So I purchased refreshing scrub cleanser by ORIGIN and I am so much happy that I did. This is one of the best facial cleansers I ever used. the small scrubby beads are mild yet gives a feeling of strong scrub and does the work perfectly. It has a smell of fresh orange which is quiet strong positively. It makes enough foam while rubbing over the skin which I really love. This scrub effectively cleans out all the makeup and dirt from the skin. I have been using this for a month now and super happy!!!

It contains 150 ml product and quality wise it does  worth the money. I have combination skin and this product is not drying. I love it because it is so much refreshing!! Try out 🙂


Sadia ❤

Clean and super smooth by “LUSH”

“Lush” has been poking in my dreams all the time. I don’t know why every time I enter their store, I love everything and then get confused what to buy because I love them all so much and feel that all of them together are not affordable 😉

Finally last weekend when I was again passing by “Lush” store I remembered that my friend was telling me a day before that how she was enjoying her newly purchased skincare products by this company. I was in need of a face scrub. I entered the store and tested “Ocean salt” face scrub and just fell in love. The sales assistant was really helpful to made this choice.


They have different sizes for each product and  I picked the little pot as I wanted to spend little to make my skin get introduced with it . I found that was totally affordable :). Now I have been using that for a week and I can say that I will be repurchasing this always. It has salt granules that you can feel while scrubbing and at the same time it has a soft creamy feeling which helps the granules not to hurt the skin.

It gives such an amazing feeling after I wash the face that is beyond description and one should just feel it. After washing it makes the skin super soft and does not dry the skin at all. It gives somehow an extra glow which I never felt before. The salt is blended with coconut and lime so that it is nutritious for skin as well as smells so good that I feel like to eat them up.

This product can be used both in face and body. Right now I am in so much love with  this freshly hand made Lush ocean salt scrub.

Nice offer from Lush is that when I will give them back 5 plastic containers that I finished using with their products, I will get a container of fresh face mask for free. Wow! Isn’t it amazing?

Wish you are all well and enjoy natural products for super supple glowy skin.