What I did in Geneva

I am super excited to share with you some experiences of my 22 days long trip to Switzerland! It happened all in a sudden. I planned pretty nicely within short a notice and covered all those places all over Switzerland that was on my wish list. Yes there are few places still left that I skipped thinking that they might be less interesting for this time.

Most of my time I spent in Geneva following my husband who actually went there for working purpose but for me it was totally holidays.



During these 22 days I also spent some time in Paris about which I will be talking later. That is whole another story.

Most people think or as far I have noticed that people say there is nothing much to do or see in Geneva for holiday purpose. Many people consider Geneva only as a financial centre and a place of international organizations as because the headquarters of many of the agencies of the United Nations and Red Cross is situated there. It is true in some sense and yes if you just going to spend three days in Switzerland then you should keep more time for other dramatic cities. But if you are lucky to have more time then it is wise to explore as much you can and spending time in Geneva is totally worthy. I am going to highlight here the places in Geneva that I really loved.


Geneva is sourrounded by Jura mountains and Apls. The most charming thing about Geneva is the dramatic view of Mont Blanc.  Lake Geneva is really amazing. There are many other beautiful lakes around the country but you cannot compare one with the other. Each of them has something unique. This beautiful lake Geneva is shared between Switzerland and France. Where ever I went within the city I could see the lake view and it seems to be totally different from each place of the city. The lake has different shades of blue which changes with weather conditions and the reflection of sky.


I sat there for long hours and never realized how time passed by. I was lost in memories. There are different parks around the like. I took bus or tram and randomly got down where ever I found something charming. Lake Geneva offers something wonderful each season that I heard but April was fantastic I must say. If you want to see the colors then April to august is the best time. I was lucky to have a really colorful warm April but if you are going there for short visit it is wise to choose June to August for a surely warm nature. During May even you may find gloomy and rainy weather so better not take the risk!


For a relaxed pampering afternoon Lake Geneva is fantastic. What I really liked about lake Geneva is that it glitters when the beautiful morning sunshine reflects!


I was amazed to see the magical beauty of the fountain Jet d´Eau which is the famous landmark of the city. This beauty is visible throughout the city! I Even you can enjoy the view of this large fountain from the air.

Parc mon repos is a beautiful park and I would say the best lake view you can get from there. This place is so much blue and so beautiful. It has amazingly decorated flower garden. You will love walking around it. If you want to see some highlights of the trip then check it here




Another place I must mention and that is Jardin Bontanique. It is such a calm and quiet place to spend some time in the middle of the nature. If you are a plant lover then you are definitely going to love it otherwise you will still love the nature. It is nicely decorated with plants. In a sunny afternoon if you are looking for a mild sunbath in somewhere green then this is the place.



As I was there for near about a month I bought one month travel card so I could enjoy everything within the city by riding all kind of transports which was awesome!

Everyone speaks French but still they are all very helpful to reply in English any time. When I asked for any information or any help everyone spoke English to me when  they realized I need it in English. People there are really nice and helpful. Especially the older generation was so kind and nice. They would love to talk to you even though they do not know you.

I loved any food I tried there. Especially their dairy products amazingly tasted good. Anything with cheese tasted super good. I know I do not need to mention anything about Swiss Chocolates and cookies. They create heaven inside the mouth.



For Shopping do not forget to go to a station named Molard. If you take the tram and get down to the station named Molard and then just walk around, you will find all different branded shops and everything that is luxury. Gare Cornavin is the central station from where you can take all the bus and trains to all over the country. Walk around the central station and you will find a lot of fun places and shopping areas.



For shopping you should not miss three big malls. Yes they are similar inside but if you have time then there is nothing wrong to visit them all. One of them is Balexert where you get everything under one roof. My favorite shopping mall is Manor. The ground floor of this shopping mall is the heaven for makeup lovers and fashion junkies. I loved the food court at the top floor. You will get a chance to try varieties of food there that includes from starter to dessert everything. There are lots of choices for main meal as well. The last shopping mall is Praille which is kind of similar to Balexert but what is nice here is that you have gaming options including bowling. So if you love that, you may pay a visit.

That’s is all for now!

I will come back with more fun informations about another city next time



What Is Inside My Beauty Bag

Travelling is so much exciting but there are many things to keep in mind while you travel. One of the important things is to make a list of what things you need to carry while you travel. It totally depends on what purpose you are travelling and for how long. But please make a list, that helps.


Today I would like to highlight the skincare and makeup products that you all ladies should remember while you go on a vacation for days long. I will share what I do usually. You can always add something, replace or reduce according to your needs. It is your bag so freedom is yours!

When I am on vacation for several days and plan to photoshoot or go for dinner dates of course I cannot think myself without putting on makeup. So I need to plan and organize my beauty bag. The World´s most precious bag…….isn´t it?

Now come to the main point.

What is inside my Sephora Pouch


I always carry a foundation, concealer and a setting powder while I travel for several days or even a 2 night cruise trip. Currently I am in so much love with the foundation by Laura Mercier. To hide all the acne spots and dark patches I am so much in love with my concealer and corrector palette by Mac. For highlighting under eyes no concealer works better than Nars. I love different setting powders specially the translucent one by Laura Mercier but during travel I love to carry the yellow power by Beauty Bakerie. I always get tanned while travel and the yellow powder help so much to brighten me up. It also helps to instantly make you look fresh and hides all the tiredness. For highlight, contour and blush I just adore so much the Naked Flushed Palette by Urban Decay. You have everything in one small palette which is so much convenient and helps me to get the perfect shades that I need. While travelling all day long sometimes I need some touch ups or even there are days when I do not like to have any foundations, then I use Pro Finish pan by MakeUpForEver. It can be easily used instead of a foundation on a well moisturized skin. Just Love it.


I cannot think of my makeup completed unless I have my eyes done. So here comes my eye make-up kit! For eyeshadow base I always need my Mac Paint Pot which also helps to make the canvas of my eyelid ready to play with colors while hiding any visible veins or discoloration. Though I feel like to take with me all my favorite eye palettes which is not possible at all so what I do to have beautiful eyes and still not making my bag heavy at all, I take with me the smallest pallets. I really love the Coastal Scents Palettes. They are super easy to carry, the palette contains vibrant colors and very convenient for both to carry and have dramatic eye makeups at the same time. As you can see in the pictures the palette that I have, contains neutral to brown, Blues and even black that allows you to create varieties of looks. This palette is the Go To London palette by Coastal Scents. I love my blackest kohl pencil by Urban Decay which does not spread even after the end of a long day and this is important while you travel. I love Bobbi Brown cream eyeliner to carry with me. There are two reasons that I love it. First of all it doesn’t spread and holds all day long on my lids in the same beautiful way. Secondly I can even use it to do my brows. As I have naturally shaped quiet dense eye brow, I just do some touch ups and it works well. I do not carry my Anastasia Brow Pomade while I travel.

Yes mascara! Roller Lash by Benefit is perfect for waterproof curly long lashes. I love it.


For lips I would say I carry lipsticks but lip balm is a must have. Tony Moly cherry lip balm is small, cute and super hydrating. For lipstick I love to have one bright lipstick preferably Red. For any special place I go or if I feel to have a dramatic look, red lips are something I adore, otherwise nude ones are of course there all the time in my purse. Here you see in the picture, I had Metro Matte lipstick by Mac in the shade Dance With Me. Other than that nude ones are by Stilla and Anastasia. You can choose any shade that you love. But remember one nude and one bright is needed for all purpose. Do not forget lip balm that you need all the time.


The tools are mandatory for a perfect makeup look look. The more natural you want to look, the more blending you need and the tools help. My beauty blender is always there with me. Other than that I have my kabuki brush by Sigma, 3 eye brushes by Sigma for applying eyeshadow, inner corners and blending, A blush brush or a powder brush by Sigma(just one works for travel time), eyebrow brush by Anastasia and my most favorite eyeliner brush by Laura Mercier. My Sephora pouch helps me to organize all these beauties in one place. Thanks Sephora for this beauty bag.

This was pretty much about makeup. Now I want to share a little story of skin care during travel.

While you travel do not ignore your skin


I love to have my Lush face moisturizer. While you are in Europe weather betrays you all the time and moisturizer becomes the biggest and best friend. This cream was sent to me by Lush is super hydrating which I prefer using at night and even sometime during daytime. It is a light weight plastic container which is so easy to carry.

For body cream I prefer any flavor by Body Shop depending on the season. I prefer more the body creams by Rituals but when I travel those seem to be pretty huge containers and again body shop packaging is more travel friendly. A face wash could be any of that you love. I have so many favorites and I often switch.

Nivea sensitive after shave balm is something works as a magic 😉 You know why?  This is my primer while I travel so both me and my husband can use it without carrying one extra material.

I adore all nighter make up setting spray by Urban Decay. This is must have whether you are traveling or not. Then another favorite thing is the face mist or face water by Lush. It is super soothing. After long travel hours it really sooths the skin and also it helps to clean the face. The last thing I cannot go without mentioning is the banana hand cream by Tony Moly. I love this and this cream is always in my bag.

That is pretty much all. Hope to come back with some travel stories in my upcoming blog.



Stockholm to Geneva with AirBerlin


I love to travel. This journey of traveling started long back when I was 10 months old. I traveled to Iran with my parents and lived there for several years. After that I traveled to so many countries within Asia and Europe. I am blessed to enjoy the beauties of so many places. I consider myself lucky enough because after getting married I got a partner who also loves to travel and he is a good travel planner.

The funny fact is despite of so much traveling I still suffer from flight phobia.  Especially last time when I traveled back home from Sweden by Turkish Airline it was the worst experience. After that my flight phobia increased so much that I was wishing not to travel anymore by air. But my passion to see the world never let me to do so.

Suddenly last month we had to travel from Sweden to Switzerland. It was more like spending a short vacation for me and accompanying my husband to work with WHO( World Health Organization). I spent months of stressful time with work, studies plus household works and finally was happy, thinking that now I can relax sometime in Switzerland, my dream land.  I was searching all the time that which airlines will be a good option for a comfortable flight. Thinking about flying was stressing me out again. Finally, decided to travel by AirBerlin.

Arlanda to Düsseldorf with NIKI ( p.c-Internet)



Düsseldorf to Geneva ( p.c-Internet)

So now I want to share my flying experience with AirBerlin. This was my first travel with AirBerlin. Stockholm was sunny for about 3 days in a row that time but the day I was supposed to fly was really foggy which I was not expecting at all. Surprisingly it was so foggy at 12 at noon and difficult to see anything far. I felt that again I was going to have a bad flight experience.

In reality, I would say I loved flying with AirBerlin. Though for luggage had to pay extra and everything you need like food or drink needed to be paid separately because nothing is included. But I wanted to have a steady flight, without any bumping and a smooth take off with smooth landing. I would say Air Berlin fulfilled those expectations pretty nicely.


We were ready to land 
Blurry view of Swiss through window
I was so excited and couldn’t wait to land 🙂

Though it was windy and foggy during takeoff, it was a very smooth flight and such a relief for me. The flight was short with 1 stop. So I had my connecting flight from Düsseldorf airport.  The 1st flight was in such an aircraft which looked the way pretty much I expected but still I was not fully satisfied. It was NIKI aircraft which has partnership with AirBerlin and they run these small duration flights and usually the cheaper ones. The outlook of the 2nd aircraft made me super nervous because it was a really small one with old fashioned wings and long wheels. To me it was an antique piece which I would love to see in an old movies rather than flying on it. But once again it was such a smooth flight and didn’t feel like I was flying. I loved it afterwards. There was enough space inside and it was just a 1 hour and 30 mintues flight from Düsseldorf to Geneva, so I am happy enough with the awesome chocolate I got at the end of my flight.

These chocolates were pretty to look at and melts inside mouth which gives such happiness beyond description 🙂

It was overall a very short pleasant flight and I spent my timing reading the magazines that was provided. Time flew really fast!


I landed in my dreamland and then the story continued and you can read everything through my upcoming blog posts…………………………………




Leibster Award


Hello Beauties!

First of all I want to thank Throughmylens (sheemazaman) from the bottom of my heart for introducing and  nominating me for the Leibster award. Please do check her amazing blog! This is the first ever Leibster award for me and I am super excited.

Leibster award is a great opportunity among the new bloggers to get introduced to each other as well as a beautiful way of promotion.

The rules are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
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* Books or movies?

I will go for movies ! I find it more exciting and interesting to  watch movies at night with my husband along with some midnight snacks 🙂

* Early bird or night owl?

Night owl forever!!!! Even a  blog never get started written unless night becomes darker 😉

* Boots or sandals?

Both are pretty awesome with seasonal change but sandals are always more cute and funky! If the temperature was never minus I may always stick to sandals !

* Comedy or mystery?

Mystery no doubt !

* Dress up or dress down?

Dress up 🙂 I love beautiful dresses and trying them all the time

* Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset is more romantic and not that lucky to see sunrise most of the time !

* Call or text?

Text ! Text! TEXT !!!! Comfortable and love to recall them later 🙂

* Winter or Summer?

Both are lovely ! Summer is more easy to be stylish and colorful ……

* Classic or modern?

Classic is static and more preferable … I think being classic is more stylish..

* Truth or dare?

TRUTH !!! Truth is the ultimate truth 😀

Now it’s time for me to nominate !!!! I nominate :











Now my Questions to you  🙂

*A cup of Coffee or Tea?

*A trip to mountain or sea beach?

*Silver color jewelries or gold ?

*Kebab made of lamb or beef?

*Ice cream with fruits or fruity yogurt ?

*A bag full of delicious food or a bag full of cosmetics?

*Music or painting?

*Black dress or White dress?

*Free hand exercise or gym?

*favorite brands for perfume ?